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Warcraft 3 Maps | Complete Guide

Warcraft 3 different maps

Warcraft 3 was developed and published by Blizzard entertainment back in July 2003. One after another, the developers launched many such real-time strategy games for the users.
Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos was the very first version.

Earlier it was a single-player game. But after many version up-gradations, it is now available in multiple players. Basically, you need to hunt for the quest and win it. However, to reach that quest you need to face many thieves and other enemies. You need to co-op up with climatical challenges as well.

Once you possess the quest, that means you have conquered that level, now you are being promoted to another one. Warcraft III has super amazing graphics and views and a fantastic soundtrack. It gives you a real boost while you are playing the game.

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Maps

Frozen throne was the second edition of warcraft 3 after the launch of the reign of chaos. As you know the developers first launched it in beta version to 20000 people only. However, they keep expanding the user base slowly and steadily.

The developer’s strategy to keep the limit audience engaged for longer is the real factor for the success of this game. So that means, developers have launched frozen throne maps after deep research. In this updated version they have overcome all the loopholes of the last one which impresses the user most.

Warcraft 3 12 Player Maps

This Warcraft 3 map is designed for 12v12 players with the area of 192×192. That means, your 12 players are ready in the battlefield in the above-mentioned map area in a set of 3×4 either way. Now you make to strategize accordingly.

Your player may time to think and make a strong strategy according to the resources available and the map area. In the end, they need to search for the quest and conquer it. This is the better one among all the others like 6v6 or 24v24. 12v12 is perfect in many terms. It doesn’t make your game hang and your player adjusts perfectly in the given area.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Custom Maps

These maps are completely set for customization. You can pick a map and video of your own choice as per your campaign requirements. And you can customize them as per the requirements. As you know the Warcraft 3 has launched its various versions of the game. There are slight changes and up-gradation in all of them.

Unlike Other Variants, Warcraft 3

Reforged have custom maps. Yes, maps are the area, the outlook of the battlefield in the game. And in this version of the game, you have the power to customize them as per your choice and requirements.


Played maps of the warcraft III. I am sure you also love playing it. I personally like the customization one. I would love to hear from you about which one is your favorite. Please do let me know by commenting here.

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