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Unbelievable Information About Dead Space Mobile Game

Dead Space Mobile Game

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Hello readers! I’m not going to ask you whether you are a mobile game lover or not as, it’s but obvious that you are( that’s why scrolling this page). So, directly coming on the topic I would like to express my experience and view about Dead Space Mobile Game. 

Alike any other mobile game, Dead Space is a sci-fi game with four basic components 

4 Basic Components of Dead Space Mobile Game:

  1. Visual,
  2. Background, 
  3. Sound and 
  4. Medium to play. 

All these four component work together to create a horrified science fiction atmosphere for the player where the background is:

Background of Dead Space:


Mutants, who eat all lives things come in their paths. Villain of the game.

Isaac Clarke

The hero of the game who is an engineer, not a military man has a big responsibility to save everyone along with him from the Necromorps.


A spaceship which is captured by Necromorps along with its human employees and become a battleground now


72 types of weapons present in game for Isaac help to fight against Necromorps which, Isaac need to find with in the spaceship and atmosphere around it.

A well designed 2-D animation of empty space ship shaft with Isaac( player, the hero of the game who is not a trained soldier in any combat and also not foundguns and weapons around every corner of the ship) strugglingto save his life from Necromorps with a great sound track( use of headphones are advice able, to get a feel of the atmosphere)

Do you want to have full fledged feeling of a Hollywood sci-fi hero? 

Last but not least, a complete easy touch screen control on Isaac movements is something which gives you a full feeling of a hero of any Hollywood sci-fi movie who is trying to save his world from strange creatures (isn’t this feeling is good enough to capture your eyes and little attention).

 Apart from this, while facing life threatening situations at different levels, Isaac find weapons from ship which are traditionally designed to cut, melt rocks and drill but Isaac can manipulate them to perform beyond their standard purposes with the help of power nodes (this means, these tools can cause more damage with little adjustments in tools internal circuits) and these changes are applicable to all tools. 

All these features while providing you bone-chilling experiences takes this mobile game at next level which is good enough to grip over it’s players with it for a long ti

Featuring exclusive weapons of Dead Space

Seamless integration of on-screen HUD in game provides you full control on action by simple swipe and tap controls with which you can easily navigate in 6 different environments and fight with Necromorps.

To battle with Necromorps, designers of game has provided many different tools for you, out of which I will discuss the top 5 only (good enough to blow your mind).

  • Plasma cutter

This tool is strong, reliable, cheap ammo with pinpoint accuracy, good rate of firing and capability to works in almost all virtual situations is good enough to play entire game. All these qualities brings it at the top of about 80% of players lists.

  • Pulse Rifle

It sucks! If it’s not upgraded. But, An upgraded version of it provides very high rate of fire, large clip size and good accuracy for medium-to-close range target.It can freeze your target at its place because when its bullet hits a Necromorpsthey, they get flinch.

  • Contact Beam

This is one of the deadly weapon in Dead Space (personally my favourite) which cause out more damage per round so, when you find its schematic get one immediately and upgrade it. Single blow of its fully upgraded version can tear a creature in two. Only disadvantages of it are, expensive ammo, need more time to charge and lastly you really need to be a accurate shooter which make it a perfect weapon for bigger and slow enemies.

  • Force Gun

one can choose it as their fourth gun because of its significant drawbacks of short range and lack of killing power. Think about it as a shortgun-stungun: it’s first fire will knock down your enemy and give you some time to switch over the another weapon. Otherwise it’s second round can even kill you so its as dangerous for you, as. it’s for your enemy. Also, when you sell it ammo doesn’t give you much money.

  • Line Gun

This is powerful and can easily cut a Necromorps in slices in just few rounds but it’s flaws make it unpopular. Like, you can not upgrade it, takes lots of room, costly to purchase and tough to utilise effectively.

Ufff! Discussion about these weapons has really taken me to some different zone. Hopefully this information will be useful for players.

Now time for some question and answers…

Q: Is there any way to turn off bad language in dead space?

In simple words the answer is NO! It’s tough as window movies have only one audio which is perfectly imposed on your video. So, snipping a piece of audio out and adding a beep sound of exact size which synchronize well with the video clip is a headache only.

Q : Should I play Dead Space 1 before playing Dead Space 2?

It’s completely a personal choice whether you want to play version 1 before trying 2nd version or not. But, I will personally suggest you to try the first version of game before trying its sequel. As, it will not spoil your fun of MAJOR twists of game 1 to new version.

Q : Is there any possible way that Dead Space could be brought back from the dead?

Like any other Dead Space lover, You might be suspicious whether any upgraded version of this horrified thrilled sci-fi mobile game will be launched soon by EP( owners of IP,who still make games) or not? Sure it can be! But only if EP is wish to spend some of their money on the revival of this game. 

It will lead us to an another question, would EP bring the upgraded  version of Dead Space? And the answer is probably not, alas!!!

Currently EP is considered Dead Space as an unpopular game and they are really not seeing any potential in a single player game. It might be a heartthrob for teenagers for last one decade but not situation has changed and which stops them to fund this project.

It leads to another question, if not EP then who can revive it? And the answer is if EP can franchise this game or sell it completely to any team of technical hotshots who either can work on Dead Space to develop it further, else they can develop a complete new version of the game which has nothing to do with original game.

There is one more potential option, EP can sit with its core team who has developed the orignal Dead Space and convert it in to multiplayer game which kids like now a days. But the problem with this solution is the complexity of solution, developers are still unable  to resolve ongoing problems with current version and in this situation converting game as multiplayer mode with new features is some thing almost impossible.

So, it’s probably being better that Dead Space remains dead.

Wrapping up

While concluding, being a lover of Dead Space 1+2 versions I would only expect from EP management to consider the popularity of this bone chilling, horrified sci-fi game and bring back its series. What’s your thought on it?

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