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Anagram Solver

An anagram is making or phrasing another word by rearranging one new word or phrase. Anagram solver is a tool that helps in making such words from a set of a few characters. The only condition in this game is that all the characters present in a word should be used in phrasing a new word.

Let me explain to you with an example of “Anagram” we can make different phrases with it “nag a ram”. Some more examples are “schoolmaster” to “the classroom”, “young lad” to “an old guy”, “remote” to “meteor”, “funeral” to “real fun”. I hope you are now well familiar with the concept of anagram.

Anagram solver 2 words

Anagram solver 2 words, is a tool available online which helps you in making 2 words scramble words. These tools are bliss for the player who loves to play games like scrabbles, jumble words, etc. Now let’s take an example to understand this “Dirty room” makes the new word “dormitory”. Another example we can take here is “moon starer” makes a new word “astronomer”.

Anagram Solver tools for android & iOs

If you love to play scrambles but avoid it thinking that you may lose it to your friend, then these anagram solver tools for android & iOs can be bliss for you. These tools are very helpful if you are very new to these gameplays. Let’s count these tools so that you can get an idea about there working as follows: –

Scrabble solver

This tool is available online without any cost. You can directly login to and type in your word which you want to scrabble. Scrabble solver has a database of many different dictionaries, it supports UK and US English.

It helps you in many different games in which you need to make many different words from a given set of characters. It is free to use and there is no need to log in or register.

Scrabble expert

This is a super awesome tool that is being used for the scrabble players exclusively. It is available on Android for the free however paid version is also available for it. In the free version, there are ads however, in the premium version it is ads-free. There is a feature in the premium version that allows you to even search for the words with 15 letters long.

The UI of this tool is very easy and user friendly. It may don’t look so attractive to you. You can even search for the missing words by putting “?” sign. For example: – “?ea?ing” it will show you results like healing, heading, hearing, leafing, leaning, beating, gearing, etc.

Unscrambled Words

With this free online tool you can unscramble words with up to 14 letters. In addition, you can specify if a word needs to start with, end with, or contain letters in order. The resulting list provides you with a bunch of words that meet the criteria and they’re grouped by how many letters are in the words. For example, you might get a list of four-letter and five-letter words for some of your inputs. 

Whether you’re looking for a leg up on Scrabble, Wordle, or another game, Unscrambled Words is a tool that can enhance your abilities.

The word finder

is available on iOS devices only. However, you can install it once and it helps in many such board games like wordfeud, word with friends and scrabbles. You can make anagram solver 2 words phrase and it supports up to 20 letters long words.

Even free and premium version is available for this tool as well. The difference in the paid and free version is ads. The Premium version is ads-free and is very cheap to buy.

Words cheat

This tool is super amazing. It gives you an awesome feature of being laid on your phone’s screen even if you are playing another game. That means it gives you easy access while you are playing board games and help you in solving it in no time.

They have free versions only, however, there are ads in it. You can use this tool while you being online or offline. You might find ads annoying popping up but it gives to easy and best access while you are playing the game.

Word unscrambler

This is a web tool, available on This website has many features but those are not shown on the homepage of the website. You need to access those by surfing the website properly to use other features like for scrabble you need to access different tool and for words with a friend, there is a different tool.

The amazing feature of this website is that it is available in Spanish, German and French. It doesn’t support blank spaces means it supports only single word anagrams.

Word finder by YourDictionary

This tool is very good to use but not so popular though. It supports many numbers of word games. It is much easier to use that you only need to enter the words and it will show you the results for it. However, this tool is the costliest one of all.

The crossword & Anagram solver

You can clearly understand from the name itself about the usability of the tool. It is mainly used for crosswords game. It is available as a paid and free version. In the free version, you can only use its crosswords feature. And to access anagram solver you need to get paid version of it.

Word breaker

This one is the oldest tool available as anagram solver. But this one is easy to use and best of all the other available anagram solvers in the market. If you want to integrate it with your board game then you just need to take a screenshot of your board and upload it in tool. All your words will be resolved.


Anagrammer is also a website-based tool which helps you in phrasing new words for word games. This website is good enough that it is optimized for a mobile device as well. You can search for a vide variety of words using this tool. It has a database of many numbers of dictionaries. It is free to use the tool.


is another web tool, which is accessible through And it is available for many different languages like English, Portuguese, French, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, German and Italian. It helps in playing many numbers of word games.

Words with EZ Cheats

This anagram tool is fully automated. You can integrate it with your words board game. It will scan your current board and shows you the anagrams of the possible word. It is available in free and premium versions. This tool has many in-built features and functions.

Things to consider while downloading Anagram solver

The foremost factor to consider is while downloading anagram its user-friendly UI. Another factor to consider is the dictionary. Make sure the developers have a larger dictionary database so that new word-formation will be easy. Any additional features being provided in these tools will be a plus point. The larger database will help in getting maximum number anagram or scrambled words.

Anagram of breaker

beaker is 7 letters word. Its 6 letter anagrams can be barker, bearer, berake, and beaker. And 5 letter anagrams can be barer, break, brake, baker, barre, raker, etc. 4 letter anagrams can be bear, rear, bark, bake, beer, rare, bare, reek, rake, brae, beak, etc.

Anagram of witness

witness is also a 7 letter word and it has 7 letters anagram that is wisents. Its 6 letter anagrams can be wisest, twines, wisent, and insets. 5 letters anagrams can be swine, inset, nests, wines, stein, wises, twins, stews, newts, tines, etc. And 4 letter words are wise, wits, nest, news, site, sits, wine, wins, twin, tins, nets, ties, tine, tens, sews, etc.


If you are a fan of anagram and scrambles word games then I have made a list of the entire available anagram solver multiple word tools. I love would to hear from you about your experiences with these tools.

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