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Despicable Me: Minion Rush Guide, Tips And Tricks

Playing online games is the trend of today,s tough life and in fact games are the need for refreshment after a hectic schedule. Game developers have developed multiple games for our fun. Running games are the most approaching games ever and every second person wants to play them. Despicable Me: Minion Rush is an addictive running game in which you have to run your minion through different challenges. Here I will describe the minion rush guide, tips, and tricks for progressing in Despicable Me minion rush.

In this game, you will get bananas, Gru token, and delicious fruits. As the level become tougher you will get jelly. You don’t need to pay real-world money for advanced levels and you can grab these with gift codes, achieved through the game. In this game, you will navigate the numerous locations from the despicable me films. Unbeatable tips and tricks for advancement in the Despicable Me: Minion Rush

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Minion Rush Guide: Tips And Tricks

If you are a newbie and wanna reach the higher levels in this game without spending real-world money then you are at exact place. I will narrate all the best possible ways to play minion rush. Take a look below to be aware of them:

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Minion Rush Guide: Deal with Bananas for Upgrades

The most clear-cut advise I would like to give you is that try to collect more and more bananas. You can purchase many characters and upgrades with the help of these bananas. Many times I will run only for grabbing and collecting bananas. This minion rush tips help you to upgrade your characters.

If you in favor of spending some money then you must go for the Golden banana because it will double the value of all your bananas. The result will be that you would be able to buy double upgrades with your stock.

Minion Rush Guide: Amalgamate with Facebook

There are two benefits to connect with your Facebook account, the first one is that you can send jeers and challenges to your friends and the second one is that you will get extra Gru tokens. If you are running a facebook account then you must link it up. It is too difficult to earn 1 Gru token per day but after connecting minion rush to your Facebook account, you will get 1 token every day.

Be Selective At the Time of Upgrading of Power-Ups

As you run you will get bonus items and you can use them for upgrading. You can also power up with the main menu. You need to cash your bananas and bonus tokens for upgrades so you have to choose carefully. Suppose you are passing through such challenge in which there are lots of ice and you need the freeze ray for breaking through so you have to upgrade freeze ray with the cash. Like this, the challenge will become easy and you can reach advanced levels fastly.

There is such type of power-ups which are definitely beneficial in every condition so you must go for them.

Save the Wicked Minions For Tricky Challenges

After unblocking the PX41 serum you can easily modify you in evil minions. This mode enables you to destroy every hurdle which comes in your path. When you are passing through the toughest levels then you don’t need to cash Gru tokens and its the appropriate time to activate your wicked minion. But you have to use them wisely because you can use them for limited hours.

Use Various Costumes According to the Challenge

While racing in the minion rush, did you ever observe that they suggest you different costumes to wear? In fact, there is a motive behind it that different type of costumes contains different powers. If you are going to pass through such kind of challenge in which you need a huge despicable bonus then you must use the costume that enlarges the XXL minion. You can use this minion rush trick on multiple challenges. So before going for a challenge, you must re-judge your costume for improving your results.

Minion Rush Guide: Avoid using Tokens For Racing

Minion rush is quite different from other racing games and you have the opportunity to run limitless. The long run is not so important it just boosts your score. You don’t need to spend your tokens for it and you can get it with the help of a fruit. So you should spend your tokens for valuable things like costumes, and upgrades.

With my experience, I can say there is no situation will occur when you have to cash your tokens for running. In very rare and tough condition you have to do so. New jally lab mode allows you to complete levels with the short amount of running and you can choose costumes and upgrades cleverly.

Minion Rush Trick to get to the Disco Room

When you are running through the Gru’s lab, you have to see the bananas off the track and on a sucked off to the right. Here you can navigate for a wonderful bonus part of the minion rush in the Disco Room.

Minion Rush Guide: Gift Codes

This minion rush tip is very important in the minion rush game, you will notice a section of gift codes in setting panel. Here are different combinations of minions and using them you can unblock prizes. So make pairs wisely to get more and more prizes.

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Pick your silver prize podes

When you are running and you just require only one fruit to reach the next level then you can continue your running for grabbing 2 more. In this way, you are able to grab 3-star bonus. You can collect various type of items with these fruits like puzzle pieces which helps you to unlock costumes. For achieving the silver prize pod you need specific numbers. All the two have are equally important to be careful while running and try to give your best to complete each level of the minion rush.

Minion Rush Guide: Login Everyday

This minion rush trick is so simple and you have to just log in on daily basis. It will help you to get a banana every day. This minion rush tips for those users who don’t run a facebook account and they can also grab the banana without connecting with Facebook.

Minion Rush Guide: Wrap Up

Well..these simple minion rush tricks will definitely lead you to the higher levels of the minion rush. Everyone has their own experiences and if you have a suggestion which I didn’t include in this article then feel free to share with us. Still, any question regarding this game then comments below.

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