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Hill Climb Racing Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Android games are the most prominent way of recreation and fun. As we are living in the technical era so we all have smartphones and internet connection for operating them. There is numerous kind of game and among them, racing games are the most trending games nowadays. Hill Climbing racing is a free to play car racing game. I am here to narrate the tips and tricks for playing the hill climb racing game.

It is available on google play store and you can download it from there. It’s a noticeable feature is that this game is of 10 MB which occupies the less memory of your device. You can easily enjoy this game on low memory tablets and mobiles. I have also played this game on a low budget tablet. There is no mission to be completed in this game and you don’t need to take tension of completing levels. Just chill and pass your time with this game.

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Features of Hill Climbing Racing

As you know that in this article I will guide you the tricks and tips to play hill climb racing and before it you must be aware of its existing features. Take a look below to be familiar of them:

  • Collect coins and continue driving up to the hill.
  • Utilize your coins to buy the new car or upgrade the old one.
  • The game contains six stages and they are countryside, desert, arctic, moon, cave and highway
  • The funniest stage is the moon and you will grab more coins in this stage.
  • There are 3 types of car available called Jeep, monster truck and race car.
  • Jeep is the best vehicle for racing.

Tips and Tricks to be Followed for Playing Hill Climbing Racing

If you are a newbie and want to play hill climbing racing then this guide definitely help you. Observe carefully for being the master of this game.

Stay Away From Flipping Your Car

It will not happen commonly but this condition will occur when you drive through a bouncing bridge. You can flip your car to clear the level but I suggest you slow down the speed your vehicle with brake before reaching the last plank of the flyover. You should be careful while hit the brake because if you push the break hardly then it will flip your car.

Pick up the Fair Upgrade

Selection of upgrade depends on the situation you are facing and the condition of your car. It would be favorable if you upgrade your engine when you are going through steeper hills. In this condition, you should also upgrade the tires of your vehicle. When you are facing handling problem then you should go to upgrade suspension and 4WD. If there is no issue in your riding then you can upgrade all the four attributes and you don’t need to look after for a specific one.

Expand Coins For Cars And Courses

As I told above that you should buy upgrades but at the same time, you must focus on buying new cars, landscapes and racing atmosphere. There are lots of tricks and by following them you can grab more coins but you should apply them wisely because in hurry your car can be at risk and chances of crash landing.

Focus on Fuel Canisters

If you want to finish the levels then you should not avoid fuel canisters as they will help you to clear levels. If you have fuel canisters then you don’t need to go to the gas station. Think if the gas in your vehicle will run out before finishing the level then you have to end your racing.

Use the adequate amount of throttle at the time of driving

There will be different tracks through your driving like steep climbs, down hills. You should use the throttle according to the situation as you have to throttle down while going through steep climbs. If you are going down to the hill then cruise down evenly. You should operate your vehicle in a conventional way so that you last longer in the game.

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Conclusion: following the above description you can be the hero of hill climbing racing. These tricks are so simple and you can easily apply them. As we all know practice makes a man perfect so when you will play this game then you will be more skillful. Still, have any question regarding this game then comment below and also share your experience if you have ever played this game.



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