3 Online Casino Technology Trends & Innovations

The online gaming industry is rapidly emerging by utilizing technology and innovations to gain popularity. The tech trends in the United States have made online casinos and slots evolve in no time. Casino and gaming industries offer enhanced gambling experience, smoother access, and better services. By using technology, online slots and casinos provide players with real money action, all across the globe.

Casinos are left with no other option than to adapt and respond to technology. The most recommended online casinos make use of this technology to offer players with amazing animations and graphics, bonus features, enhanced gameplay, and a seamless experience. Additionally, smartphones have opened up the window for the mobile gaming industry.

Live Sports Roulette – Netent

Netent unveils the latest technological trends in live casinos with the creation of Live Sports Roulette. This industry with the innovation-led products gives players a chance to play live games in the casino while also indulging in betting on sports. The widget takes extensive use of CMS tools and fine quality of streaming options. Here, operators can offer live odds on sports, match or marketplace on any of the Netent game tables.

Sports roulette is a virtual table, which displays a roulette wheel to the left. Players have access to see the information and updates about a specific sports event such as the latest odds involved for a football match.

Netent is very popular for its live dealer software which creates an authentic setup and interactive background. It is a reliable and trusted tool for introducing and retaining new players.

The release of the product right around the start of the FIFA World Cup of 2018 was all the more exciting. This cross-sell proposition gives operators more revenue making chances. Netent presents a unique solution of combining sports betting along with slots. With the aid and application of the Chroma key technology, Netent’s live sports roulette keeps players updated with timely scores and live actions.

Deadmau5 Online Slot – Micro gaming

The new online slot based on Canadian electronic music producer and DJDeadmau5 was created by the game developing studio names Eurostar Studios. Microgaming announced the release of Deadmau5 themed slot during the ICE London 2020 event.


The Grammy-nominated star and highest-paid music producer has immortalized his music in a slot machine game. Earlier the slot developers usually made games based on themes of gold diggers, fruits, and Egypt. This launch will install a bridge between music and the games.

The trend-setting electronic tracks of the artist are coupled with illustrations and stunning imagery that attracts audiences across the globe. Microgaming believes in the power of making partnerships to boost the independent studio network. The goal of Microgaming is to target the new demographics of online slots players, as it is a convenient alternative to traditional casino gaming.

Winning a cash payout and laying hands on a hefty cash pile is a special thing to happen. Gaming online acts as a shortcut to seeking happiness. The leading gaming operator makes it easier for Deadmau5 fans to access the new slot title whenever they wish to.

Narratives in online slots – Scientific Games

The aim of game development is to capture and retain a player’s attention. At Scientific games, slot games are immersive and supremely entertaining. It starts with a short and gripping story, which goes on to become art assets, bonuses, sound, and features. The result is the collaboration of various techniques such as math and engineering. They together form a compelling story and attract audiences.

In the case of slots, hardware is vital and so is innovation. For a unique land-based gaming experience focus on the game art, 4K resolutions, curved monitors and light display.

In online casino platforms, new titles are promoted using banners and emails. The perfect balance between creativity, content and artistic appeal is required. Adding a narrative behind a slot game gives an element of enthralling narrative.

It can be instrumental in increasing customer loyalty. Online casinos are in a strong position to take benefits of the latest tech innovations and channelize them at a lower cost.

Newest technology trends as seen in the online casino industry

Online gambling is fine entertainment for most people. Instead of waiting for bettors and poker participants to come to the casino, casinos have made themselves available at all times to everyone. Cutting edge modernizations have led to revolutionizing casino technology.

There are virtual and augmented reality, wearable, and live dealers, which add another zeal to online gambling. Digital betting shops enhance player convenience. The online gambling market is predicted to reach a valuation of $94.4 billion by 2024 compared to $45.8 billion in 2017. This growth is possible because of the evolving mobile internet technologies.

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