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Top Spectacular Adventure Games under 500mb For Mobile and PC (Download)

Adventure Games under 500mb For Mobile and PC

There is nothing more adventurous than leading a game while playing the game. Isn’t it?

You are reading this article; this means you like adventure games and looking to lead them as you are the one who believes in confronting the fears and likes to face challenges. So here in this article, we have presented a list of adventure games according to the category:- 

  • Adventure games for pc under 500mb
  • Adventure games for mobile under 500mb 
  • Adventure games for android

For all the daring gamers who want to live for excitement. 

These games are all about exciting places, new friends, and taking new hurdles. Try these games whether you are ready or not as it is rightly said-

              “If we wait until we are ready, we will be waiting for the rest of our life!”

What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comment section.

Before directly jumping into the list- let’s understand what adventure games are.

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Adventure Games:

Adventure games are the video games in which you play the role of the protagonist who leads the game. These are mostly related to puzzle, fighting, or exploring the game, or a mix of these elements. Do you know what makes these games so demanding?

These games focus on a person or group’s stories, which is mostly liked by the users.

So, are you ready to know these games?

Let’s dive into it:

So, get ready to make your path as these games have no fixed environment, and you will be facing new sites and exciting adventures.

Adventure games mobile and android games under 500mb:

Having a smartphone with less ram?

Disappointed…how to play games. Don’t worry, and we are here to help you. Games which we are telling will run efficiently on your mobile. So, let’s get started:

  • Super Car Driving 3D:


If you like to do a stunt, then this game is best for you.

In this game, you will be driving your supercar, and you will destroy vehicles and other cars. Additionally, it has excellent graphics, which will further boost your interest in the game with impressive sound. So, you might be wondering -is there anything unusual in the driving.

Yes… will be driving on-ramps, around the city while doing stunts and many more.

Download Super Car Driving 3D Game

Download From Play Store

Download APK File (13mb)

  • The Simpsons:

    The Simpsons
    The Simpsons

The game is based on the very famous cartoon series, “The Simpsons.” It is an action video game that is launched by “Electronic Arts.” You can play this game on single player mode or no co-operative multiplayer mode. 

In this game, you will control the Simpson family with their freakish ability. After all events, you will be facing challenges like finding collectibles for each character. If you like cartoon series, you must try it.

Download the Simpsons Game

Download From Play Store

Download APK File

  • The anger of Stik III:


Looking for a fighting game under 500mb then must go for it. It is a real fighting game with 44 adventure-filled in it. In this, you will be experiencing the fighting game with energy beams, mid-air combos, and continuous attacks and deadly combos. You will be leveling up the system with five main characters with different combos. To give you a more exciting experience, it provides you the option to change your enemy according to the enemy. 

Download The anger of Stik III Game

Download From Play Store

Download APK File (38mb)

  • Swamp Attack:


This game is a single-player mode game with 300 levels. In-game, you will live in a swamp, and you have to save that swamp. Crazy animals with amazing graphics will hook. Different crazy animals will be attacking you, and in return, you have to protect your swamp by the attack of animals. It is one of the best shooting adventure games.

The main reason that this game is so popular is that you can play this game offline….yes without any internet connection.

Download Swamp Attack Game

Download From Play Store

  • Badland:


Not yet able to find a good puzzle game? Here is a solution.

Badland is an award-winning puzzle game. It supports single-player, multiplayer, and co-operative mode, and you can even create your levels and play them. There will be a stupendous forest full of inhabitants, trees, and flowers. You will be controlling one of the forest dwellers, and you have to discover the traps and obstacles on your way.

With its physics-based gameplay which is combined with excellent graphics and audio make this game a must-play game. You can play this game offline too.

This ends with your top adventure Games for mobile under 500mb. Share your experience and let me know which game you like the most and why.

Download Badland Game

Download From Play Store

Download APK File (188mb)

Adventure Games For Pc under 500mb:

Are you looking for compressed adventure games that you can play on any type of pc? If yes…remain with us till the end.

Let’s start:

  • Drift Force:


“Drift Force” is a final solution for all your racing adventure. In this game, you will be racing at different speeds, anti-gravity drones through the track crowed with obstacles and turns. The game will also test your reflexes with unexpected twists and turns. 

Playing this game is easy, but if you want this game, you have to be more conscious while playing, but controls are easy and straightforward to learn. 4 modes are available in this game to play. You can even customize your drone color as well.

  • Gone Home:


Do you have spy eyes? or 

Like solving a crime scenario, then this game is for you. Its stunning graphics help you get a deep insight into the case. With no defined goals in the game, you will move around the house and view and interact with the objects to solve the case.  

To proceed in the game, you have to find objects in the game that will unlock other parts of the house to investigate.

Give it a try if you like inspecting things.

  • Zombie Hobby VR:


Zombie Hobby is an action VR shooter game. In this game, you will be getting weapons and the most affordable objects from your daily life. 

Get ready to train yourself to become a snapshooter and to win the game. You have to kill Zombie-aliens in the game and kill as many as you can and level up yourself in the game.

  • Solider Elite:


What things you consider in a good game. Are these what you are looking –

  • Good Graphics
  • Good storyline
  • Good gameplay

If yes..then this is the game for you as it has all these features.

The game is based on the solider life who is brave enough and willing to die for the country. In this game, you will be fighting with the enemies to save your country, and your enemies will be nationwide.

  • Truck and Trailer:

    Truck and Trailer
    Truck and Trailer

You must have heard about many driving games, but have you heard about truck driving….yes, truck driving.

Truck and Trailer is a truck driving game. You have to deliver goods on time by avoiding these hurdles by truck.

Driving these trucks is not as easy as you have to deliver the goods on time in their proper condition.  

In the beginning, there will be seven tracks available, and you have to choose from these trucks. As your level increases in the game, you will be getting more truck options to play, and ultimately games offer you 50 different trucks to choose your truck.

So, these are the top adventure games which you can play on your pc no matter how’s your pc condition is. 


In this article, we have presented top android and pc games that you can play and enjoy. Try these adventure games and let us know which game you like and the reasons behind it.

Let us know if there is any suggestion or any other game which you want we should present to you. 

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