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Top Action Games for Mobile and Pc Users under 500mb:


Are you looking for an action thriller in your life?
Do you like action movies?
Do you get excited when you watch action movies?
Want to get a thrilling action experience in your life? 

If yes……, you are on the right platform.

Action games are getting famous day by day, as numerous studies claimed that playing action games plays a significant role in the cognitive abilities of a player. 

The University of Geneva(UNIGE), Switzerland had presented a report that Action Games effect the Cognition of a player. They have shown a report after fifteen years of detailed study.

           “ By playing games you can artificially speed up your learning curve 

                            to develop the right kind of thought processes”.     

Many people find that they feel relaxed after playing these action games. Additionally, these games give them an exhilarating experience.

Well, you can experience this thrilling excitement from your home as well….yes….right in your home.

So, let’s dive into it to give you a thrilling experience.

For all those that are not familiar with action game let me tell about action game.

Action Game

Action game is a video game that is mostly related to the physical challenge, fighting, platform, and shooter games.

In these games, you will be acting as the role of a protagonist who will be collecting objects, avoiding obstacles with their natural skills and weapons that are provided in the game. You have to defeat the boss enemy after each or a group of levels. Defeating the boss enemy in the game is more challenging and exciting in these types of action games. 

So, get ready to know these games.

Top Android Action Games under 500mb:

Here we are presenting top android action games that are will boost your shooting snd fighting experience.

  • Bladelinger:


Bladelinger is an action-packed game where you will be playing the role of the legendary hero – William Slastona. You have to clean the town using a sharp blade and pistol. 

You can download this game from Google play store for free. It is one of the best games available under 500mb. 

  • Ravensword Shadowlands:


If you like role-playing, then this game is for you. This game is a follower of Ravensword: The fallen king game.

If you like playing Ravensword, then you should go to this game. You can play this game in 3 styles, and each method has different types of equipment and skills. You can play this game on melee and ranged combat styles. 

  • Exiles of the Colony:


It is also a role-playing game in which you will be playing the role of the hero as you will be saving the world from the evil forces. The main feature that differentiates this game from other role-playing games is Sci-Fi 3D role-playing. In this game, you will be experiencing a distant world and saving steps to save the world.

  • Badland:


Are you looking for a great puzzle game? This game is for you.

Badland is an award puzzle game. You can play this game as a single-player, multiplayer, and co-operative mode. In this game, you will be managing one of the forest dwellers while discovering the traps and obstacles on your way. You can even play this game offline too. This game supports both ios and Android platforms.

  • Dead Effect:


Dead Effect is a single-player shooter game in which you can customize your controls through the main menu. This game provides you both the option of whether to play as a male or a female character. 

As a male character, you will be playing the role of – Gunnar Davis

And as a female character – Jane Grey

Wondering how you can change weapons in the game?

Games provide virtual options on the right side of your screen through which you can choose and change weapons, shoot, reload, iron sights. There are a total of 8 missions in the game which you have to complete in serial order. If you like shooting games, then you must try it.

These are the top mobile games which you can play on your mobile under 500mb.   

Top Action Pc Games Under 500mb:

Action games are known for their thrilling adventure. When this adventure gets to mix with stunning graphics and Xbox, it hooks the player’s attention and immerses as giving an ultimate action gaming experience. 

Be ready to be a part of that adventure.

  • Iron Man:


Iron Man is an action-adventure video game. This game is based on a movie with the same name- “Iron Man.” 

You will be fighting in high-tech with several weapons with exclusive military combat action.

You will be facing numerous challenges in the game with dynamic battlefields, which will give you a real action gaming experience.

  • Max Payne:


If you like third-person shooter games, then this is a game for you.

The players like this game. 

You will be seeking the murderer who had murdered your wife and child. There are many characters in the game, and you will enjoy the shooting experience while looking for the murderer.

Give it a try and your experience in the comment section.

  • Need for Speed: Underground2:

    Need for Speed: Underground2
    Need for Speed: Underground2

It is a cross-platform racing video game which helps you to gain experience of racing with lots of twists and turns. The updated version of the game provides new features like-

Broader customization, and news ways of selecting the car and cars.

Now, you can explore new cities in the game like “Bayview.” This game is considered the best in the United States.

So, this ends with your games list, which you should play. 

Final Words:

If you want to get action games and adventure games from the comfort of your home, then you must try these games and share your experience with us, which game you like, and the reasons behind it. Hoping you get your answer that you were searching. Furthermore, and if you want to know about any other game, let me know.

Do share it with your friends that are looking for this type of experience. Let me know if we had missed any vital games or features.

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