15 Best Sites to Download PC Games [2021]

You can download free Steam Games.

You can play old & classic games using emulators.

But what if you want to play paid PC games without actually purchasing them?

Is there a way?

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Yes, there is. But not just one but multiple.

There are a number of websites available where you can download:

✅Highly Compressed PC Games.

✅Cracked PC Games.

And a lot more similar items.

So, going forward in this post, I’ll share such websites that can be helpful to you. Now, let’s get started:

15 Best Sites to Download PC Games


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Even though I got to know about this site quite late in 2018, I never thought of switching to any other site after using it. Even when it comes to downloading PC games, from…


✅Battlefield V

Call of Duty to

✅Lego games,

…you will get them for free at thepcgames.net.


✅I have never faced any problems because of broken links.

✅No ads whatsoever.


❌Large games are available in smaller size zip files which delays the entire downloading process.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Over the years I have used many websites to download PC games for free.

However, this one will always be very close to my heart.

Do you wanna know why?

Well because fullypcgames.org was the first website I ever used to download free PC games.

On the website, the number of games is divided into 11 top categories.

You can use these categories to find games of your particular liking.


If you ever want a place where you can download all the latest games for free then I would recommend you to always take GameTop as your first preference.

This was the only website that allowed me to download the most anticipated games of 2020 raid Shadow Legends


✅The best thing about this website is that every 24 hours, it releases a new game on its platform.

✅You can download most of the games for free right after their release in the market.


❌Apart from a handful of games, GameTop provides casual games on its website.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Do you want to download cracked PC games or even cracked PC Softwares?

Well, then Onhax.io is the place where you should be.

Even though because of the same content, the site suffered a lot because of major controversy revolving around pirated content.

And for some time, the website even stopped providing cracked Games and software on its website.

Soon after that, they transferred the entire website to a domain of the same name but with a different TLD.


✅Despite a limited number of games available on the platform, you can download almost each one of them.

✅It lets you download video games in a large stand-alone part. Thereby saving most of your time.


❌Way too many ads.

My Real Games

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Not Everyone likes to play high-end PC games.

Some prefer light and Casual games on their PC.

And some can play these light, casual games only because of the limitation of their PC.

So for them, My real games is a perfect website as it lets you download PC games for low-end devices.

That’s great, isn’t it?


✅No ads, whatsoever.

✅It lets you download casual PC games in 10 different categories.


❌The website only lets you play casual mobile games on your PC.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Sometimes, it feels nice to play older. PC games and bring back the same nostalgic feeling.

Their website lets you exactly do that.

Type in the name of the game in the search bar and find it to start playing that game on your PC.


✅No annoying ads whatsoever.


❌Complicated navigation may put your experience off.

Giveaway Sites

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

A giveaway site is the most legit way to get paid for video games for free.

Previously, I shared a website where you can get Premium software by taking part in different giveaways.

The thing is that website isn’t just limited to software. You can use it to take part in giveaways that provide licenses to Premium video games for free.


✅Smooth giveaway process.


❌It all comes down to your luck. If you are lucky only then you will get the game. That’s a bummer, isn’t it?

Subreddit r/freegames

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Reddit is used for many things.

Now, add Downloading free games to that list.

When I first got to know about this subreddit, I was having a hard time, believing it.

At first, I thought that how come the website was competent enough to provide such pirated content on its platform.

And at the moment, no one knows for how many years this subreddit is being used by many users to share cracked PC games for free.


✅This subreddit provides a single link to download even the large games. That is great.


❌If the downloading time goes past 24 hours. The download restarts from the starting point.

Free Steam Games

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Even after trying all these games, are you still unable to decide which one to play?

Well, then I would recommend you to try playing free Steam games that I have mentioned in one of my previous posts.

In that particular post, I shared 10 of my most favorite Steam games that are available to download on Steam.


✅Legal source to download PC games.


❌Not entirely free PC games as the in-app purchases are included in most of the free games.

❌A limited number of games.

PC Games Lab

Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

When I started playing PC games, I didn’t had a fast internet connection.

So, downloading PC games was like waiting for an eternity.

Downloading a 10 GB of video game could take 24 hours.

That’s annoying, isn’t it?

Then during this time, I discovered PC game labs.

It is a website that provides PC games in highly compressed format.

A game that was original 10 GB in size was available in less than 4 GB on this website.


✅Saves your time and internet connection data.


❌Highly compressed games get corrupted easily.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Just like steam.com, this one is also a legit website to download or even play PC games.

Even though the website does not offer any high-end PC games, but They are addictive enough to hook you up 24/7.

Games like…

✅8 Ball Pool.

✅Basketball Stars.

✅Gold Strike.

…are some of the popular mobile games that are available to play for many people online.

However, still, you need a faster internet connection to make sure you do not lose out in your game.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

Every now and then popular PC games release their DLC packs or extension packs at a hefty price.

So, if you don’t want that, Ovagames.com is a perfect alternative for you as it provides a remastered or extended version of a game completely free.


✅Out of all the available sites, this website lets you request an Extension of a particular video game.


❌Navigation makes it difficult to download DLC packs on the go.


After PC games lab. This website also lets you download highly compressed video games.

After using this, both the website for coming quite some time. I have one thing I have noticed is that this website majorly focuses on providing only the compressed edition of a game.


✅The website is updated with a new video game on a daily basis.


❌Most of the links available in older posts tend to break.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

This website is in direct competition with VA games.

As here, you can download the remastered version and Repack version of high-end PC games.

And best of all, its dark user interface gives away more of a Gamers vibe.

On the right side of the website, you get a search bar where you can find repack of your favorite PC game.

However, in case the game is not available on the website, you can click on the request game button to request the game instantly.


Best Sites to Download PC Games
Best Sites to Download PC Games

If you ever need a place where you can download the latest PC game for free and connect with a community of users,

Well, then GameJolt Checkmarks all the criteria.

From Minecraft, League of Legends, or even Pokemon, it has thousands of communities with millions of active users worldwide.


✅Available on both android and iOS App Store.


❌You can’t use the website without signing up or signing in to the game jolt account.

Frequently Asked Question

Does these best sites to Download PC Games provide only pirated copies?

Yeah! Most of the sites available in this list only provide a pirated copies of popular PC Games.

I’m unable to play the downloaded PC game Online?

Well, most of the cracked PC games don’t allow you to play video games in online mode.

However, still, there are some games that only allow the gameplay with some strict workaround. All you got to do is find them.

I downloaded a game in compressed zip format but I’m unable to open it as the zip file is asking for a password?

OK. In most cases, the password is the URL of the website like www.hitechgazette.com. But if this isn’t working, you can locate the exact password on the download page itself.

One of the websites mentioned in this list is blocked in my region. What should I do?

I believe you’re facing this problem because that particular site is blocked at the ISP level.


I think these 15 best sites to download PC games are enough for you.

That is all for now.

If you think I have missed adding any deserving candidate to this list, then do let me know about it in the comments section down below.

If I find that website to be helpful then I would definitely add that particular website to this list.