(100% Free Download) 20 Remarkable Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios

Here I am helping you to find Top 20 free photo editing apps for mobile. Photo Editing apps are becoming very popular day by day. Lots of people are using these photo editing apps to post their photos on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram very frequently.

These photo editing apps are also helpful for online businesses, bloggers, photographers to promote their business by taking pictures of their products and showing them to the public at large. These editing tools are in high demand nowadays. Therefore several companies came forward to grab this opportunity by launching these photo editing apps for the public.

These photo editing apps are useful to post your photos professionally. Many photo editing apps are free to use and many of them charge a very nominal amount from the users. There are several photo editing apps available for Android as well as iPhone users for free.

Here is a list of Top 20 best free Photo editing apps for mobile:

1. Adobe Photoshop Express


Photoshop Express is a professional photo editing app. The product is of Adobe that provides you the world’s best image editing software so there is no doubt that this app may disappoint you. Here Adobe takes the best tools of Photoshop and puts them in Photoshop Express mobile app for seamless editing experience.

You have to just click a photo or upload a photo from your mobile gallery or pick a picture from Adobe Creative Cloud and start showing your creativity. The best thing is you can use all there tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping, red-eye correction, smart filters, etc.

To use this app for free first download this app in your mobile phone and then signup for free Adobe ID Account.

This app is available for both Android as well as iOS users for free

 Detail And Download Adobe Photoshop Express App

2. Snapseed


Snapseed is a product by the world’s leading search engine company Google. This amazing app provides you power-packed photo editing features on your mobile phones.

Snapseed is an innovative app where you can make your filter or edit the filters already available. The other good feature is you can make your photo more focused by making the background blurry. The selective adjust tool lets you edit a specific part of your photo as you like.

The snapseed app is available for both Android and iOS mobile users for free.

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VSCO is an advanced photo editing app that comes with amazing filters that make your photos a class apart. This app is widely used by photo lovers all over the world. The filters are easy to use and not very much complicated like other photo editing apps available today.

You can get the best photos with simplicity. VSCO App contains all other basic features available in photo editing apps.

Both android and iOS mobile users can download and use the app for free.

Detail And Download VSCO App

4. Photo Collage

‎Photo Collage App
‎Photo Collage App

Photo Collage as the name suggests is the best app available today for making Collage. This app gives you an unmatched experience of Collage making with numerous layouts. You can also add text on your photos with different colors, fonts, and sizes.

You can simply download the app on your Android and Apple phones for free.

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5. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom
Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing app, especially for professionals. This is a mobile version of very popular software Adobe Photoshop for PC. This app provides you all tools for professional photo editing. If you are a newbie then you have to practice on some photos to make yourself aware of professional tools available in this App.

This app provides you high-end tools and you must be aware of how to use these tools. The good thing is you can also work on RAW files i.e. popular among photographers.

This app is free to download and available for both Android and iOS users.

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6. Prisma

Prisma App
Prisma App

Prisma is a popular photo editing app where you can edit photos and post these photos on Prisma feed just like Instagram. Prisma photo editor uses artificial intelligence to convert your photos into paintings of famous painters like Picasso, Munch, or Salvador Dali. Many photo editing apps use neural networks but Prisma is anytime better than these apps.

Prisma is available for both iOS and Android users free.

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7. Visage


Visage Lab is one of the best makeover photo editing app available today. The filter tools available in the app can help you to remove your pimples, blemishes, whiten teeth, and shiny eyes. You can also apply makeup on your skin and eyes to look more young and beautiful while uploading your recent picture on social media.

You can download Visage Lab for free on Apple and Android phones.

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8. Adobe Photoshop Fix


Adobe Photoshop fix by Photoshop is a Photo editing App that focuses mainly on fixing your specific issues in the photographs. The app doesn’t provide you any special effects or thousands of frames. The only purpose of making the app is to give you some professional assistance to correct your photos precisely. You can add colors, highlights, and shadows or remove what you don’t want in your photos. The best part is the Liquify feature of this app. The app is quite simple and easy to understand.

All iOS and Android mobile users can download the Adobe Photoshop App free.

Detail And Download Adobe Photoshop Fix App

9. InstaSize


InstaSize is a photo editing app by Instagram. The app is specially designed for Instagram and other social media platforms to post your photos. This app is widely used by Insta bloggers and other online sellers to promote their products like Clothing and other accessories. The app can be conveniently used by anyone and it contains several unique features, professional tools, collage making, and several filters.

Both Android and iOS mobile users can download this app for free.

Detail And Download InstaSize App

10. Foodie


Foodie is a unique photo editing app specially designed for taking photos of your food. This app is very useful for businesses like restaurants, food delivery apps, food bloggers, and those who want to make their food looks more appealing and mouth-watering. If you post photos of food regularly then this app certainly works for you. You can use the best-angle feature to take a perfect shot of your food.

The Foodie editing app is available for both iOS and Android for free.

Detail And Download Foodie App

11. Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2
Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is a versatile photo editing app. This app consists of several high-end features on one platform. The tools provided by the app are simple and easy to use. You can use several texture effects like Prism, real film light leaks, and dusty film overlays. You can use never-ending filters and 128 frames to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Airlight 2 is free to download for both iOS and Android phones.

Detail And Download Afterlight 2  App

12. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox
Enlight Photofox

is an updated version of the earlier Enlight app. The Enlight Photofox app is focused on professionals. The app works with RAW files and you can apply multiple layers along with blending in the pro version. The app has won Apple design award in 2017. The best part of the app is you can create various artistic effects by blending photos. You can add text and special graphic effects on your photographs. Several features of the app are complicated and it will take some time to learn for a novice.

The app is only available for iOS users and it is free to download.

Detail And Download Enlight Photofox App

13. Canva


As the name suggests Canva photo editing app provides you a Canvas where you can draw your imagination without any technical difficulties. You can design posters, visiting or invitation cards, logos, charts, and many more by using their numerous templates. The app is very useful for small businesses and business professionals.

You can download the Canva mobile app for iOS and Android mobiles for free.

Detail And Download Canva App

14. Ribbet


Ribbet is one of the fastest photo editing app available in the online world. The app is quick, easier to use, and feature-rich. The interface and design of the app are very much similar to Snapseed. You can conveniently use their filters and these are very fast to apply. You can get all the basic features like retouching, color correction, and many more.

This app is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users.

Detail And Download Rebbit App

15. Photolemur


Photolemur is a self-activating photo editing app. You have to simply click your image and that’s all, the rest of the work will be done by the app itself. The app will automatically edit your image through Artificial Intelligence. You don’t have to put your efforts to adjust the image. It simply analyzes the image itself and provides you the edited picture within a fraction of seconds. The Photolemur app is convenient to use and much easier to understand. There are several other high-end features in the app and their recently added face editing feature is good to use.

This app is available only Android mobile users and it is paid.

Detail And Download Photolemur App

16. Picsart


Picsart photo editing app is specially designed for common mobile phone users. It has a user-friendly interface. Just like Photoshop, you can turn off layers independently by adjusting the transparency rate but not much technicalities like Photoshop. The app has powerful photo-editing tools and diverse filters. You can also make collages, add text to the photos, and several other fun features. Recently introduced Remix feature of the App can provide you the new experience of collective photo sharing. The app is so much easy to use that even the newbies can enjoy this and do the wonders.

You can download Picsart for free on both Android and iOS.

Detail And Download Picsart App

17. Moldiv


Moldiv is one of the best photo editing app for making good collages. There are several templates in the App that help you to make collages with several photos. Even a newbie can make excellent collages by simply selecting the frame and photos, rest will be done by the app itself. Moldiv is very simple and anyone non-professional can make several types of collages with spending their valuable time and energy. There are several features like theme-based collages, apply stickers and signatures and you can add special effects to your photos.

You can download this app for both Android and iOS mobile users free.

Detail And Download Moldiv App

18. Pixelstyle


Pixelstyle is one of the best photo editing apps. The App consists of best in class features and it is almost similar to Adobe Lightroom CC. You can use a different set of amazing tools especially best for retouching your photos. The app has one of the best toolkits for like a professional artist. The Photo editing change is a little bit slow but works properly. This app supports RAW images also.

Pixel style app is only available for Mac iOS users and downloads for free.

Detail And Download Pixelstyle App

19. Fotor


Fotor editing app is not less than any other pro photo editing app available on online stores. The app has all the potential to help you to edit your photographs professionally. The best part of Fotor is that it can edit RAW images and color correction with great speed. The app is user-friendly and easy to use. You can get several high-end features like Fotor HDR feature for image enhancement.

Fotor photo editing app is available for iOS and Android users for free.

Detail And Download Fotor App

20. Photoscape X

Photoscape X
Photoscape X

Photoscape X app is full of several aspects of photo editing just like top-notch photo editing apps available in today’s online world. The best thing is their extraordinary speed to load RAW images. This app provides you best tools like Editor, Viewer, preset filters, and many more. The interface of the app is quite handy and can be easily operated by a newcomer. You can import the images quite quickly and also simply work with numerous collages.

Photoscape X is only available for iOS mobile users free.

Detail And Download Photoscape X App

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I have listed top 20 free editing app for mobile. I love these applications and use to edit my photos. All of these applications are free to use. However, they display in-app ads that can annoy you while you edit your photos. You can easily download any of these from the app store in your mobile. I would love to hear about your experience while using these apps.