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Afterlight 2 Photo Editor Download for Android and IOS

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor is an amazing photo editing app. The app is helpful for professionals as well as novice users. It contains very good filters as well as several advance tools for professional photographers. The best part is you can design your own filter as per your requirements and give some unique name to this filter. The filters made by you and other presets filters can be easily located to its users.

The app is handy and can be used by anyone conveniently. One more important feature provided by the app is community filter sharing. You can use filters shared by some of the best photographers around the world by using the app absolutely free. There are regular updates of these filters every month.

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor Download

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor For Android

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Afterlight 2 Photo Editor For IOS

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Features of Afterlight 2 Photo Editor

Convenient to use

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor provides you a user-friendly interface. The app is organized very well and you don’t have to put lots of effort to use it. A menu tree given in the app will save your time and make your editing smooth.

Advanced Preset Filters

There are many advanced present filters specially designed to give your images different types of styles. These filters are easily accessible and you can differentiate these filters with the help of several colors like red, orange, blue, green, and purple.

Make your own filters

Along with several presets filters available in the app, you can make your own filters by using your skills and save this filter by giving it a name. The filter made by you will work as a preset and you can use it anytime. You can make these filters according to your needs.

Description of Images

The app provides you a useful feature to add text to your images. This is possible with the help of the Text Overlay tool provided in the app. You can add description and watermark signs to the images taken by you. There are several fonts available for adding text and several artwork designs to look amazing.

Sharing filters

The best feature of the app is you can share your filters and use filters of other users provided in the app. This feature is called Community Filter Sharing. You can use several filters shared by professional photographers in the app and you can use these filters without any cost. There are regular updates of these filters for users of Afterlight 2 Photo Editor.

Innovative tools

There are several innovative tools that are useful to transform your images dramatically. A few of these tools are Selective hue adjustment and Selective lightness. Selective hue allows you to control a single color in the image and Selective lightness helps you to control the lightness and brightness of the image.

System Requirements Afterlight 2 for Android and Ios

Afterlight 2 Photo Editor Collective, Inc has developed and launched Afterlight 2 as they got huge success and the largest user base from the first version of the app. Now let me guide you with the system requirements for Afterlight 2 as follow: –

  • For Android devices, you need to have a minimum of Android 4.0.3 and above
  • And for iOS devices, you must have iOS 11.0 and above.


Q: Is the Afterlight 2 Photo Editor app free to use?

Yes, it is free to use, however, the paid version is available as well. It costs you around

  • Monthly $2.99
  • Yearly $17.99
  • Lifetime $35.99

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All the details about the Afterlight 2 Photo Editor app has been described above. I hope this will help you in satisfying all your curiosity buds about this app. If you still have any questions or issues about this app, then we will definitely try to answer it, you can comment here. However, you can check our article about the top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for Android and Ios.

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