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Instasize Photo Editor Download for Android and IOS

Instasize Photo Editor

Instasize Photo Editor app specially designed to share your photos on Social media platforms. This app is developed by a popular social media platform Instagram. The app provides you effortless editing tools for quick results. You can share your breathtaking photograph on Social media with the help of numerous filters and high-end tools available in the app.

The app supports RAW to edit high-quality uncompressed images. You can use premium filters to bring high definition images, change the background of images, make a collage, makeover tools, and much more. You can also add the description of your images with the use of several types of fonts supported by Instasize.

Instasize Photo Editor Download

Instasize Photo Editor For Android

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Instasize Photo Editor For IOS

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Features of Instasize

  • Premium filters: Instasize Photo Editor contains a number of premium filters for making unique images within a few seconds. There are around 80 filters that are motivated by renowned photographers. These filters give you different styles to edit your photos.
  • Video editing: Along with photos, video editing is very popular nowadays to promote your product on social media platforms.  Instasize is also good to edit your videos quickly. You can describe these videos by adding text in it.
  • Quick Collages: Instasize Photo Editor can make a superb college for you. You only have to select a few images and combine these images with this feature. There are many collage making ideas available for your help with several unique backgrounds for the collage. You can edit these collage photos altogether at a time.
  • Basic Image editing tools: Instasize Photo Editor provides you all basic tools like contrast, sharpness, brightness, crop, and more for image editing.
  • Facial retouching tools: These tools are helpful to enhance your facial beauty. You can remove acne, blemishes, wrinkles from your photograph to feel young and refreshing. You can retouch the particular area of your picture with the help of these tools.
  • Border editor tools: These tools are used to edit the border of your photographs. Every social media platform allows you to post different sizes of your images. You can use these tools to adjust these images according to that Social media Platform within seconds.
  • Text Editing Tools: These tools provide you to add text and add any type of description in your photographs. You can add text by using different types of fonts and can be able to bring various designs in this. You can choose this text from the presets provided by Instasize or add your own.
  • Instagram Grid: You can make an Instagram grid by adding all the selected images or videos on the home page. This feature gives you a perfect idea of which image you want to post or postpone.

Free to Install

Instasize a photo editing app that is free to install. Both iOS and Android users can download this app online.

System Requirements Instasize for Android & Ios

  • The minimum system requirement to install instasize on android device is android 4.4 and above.
  • However, for iOS devices, you just need to have a minimum of iOS 11.0 and above.


Q: Is Instasize app free to use or do we need to pay for it?

Yes, you can use it for free. However, if you want to use the ad-free version of Instasize then you need to $1.99. The Premium version is also available at $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually.

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Instasize features and other details have been listed above. I hope it must have clear all the doubts about it and usage. If you face any issue while using or installing it then you can let us know and we will try to sort it for you. However, you can also check top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for Android and Ios.


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