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Foodie App Camera for life) Download for Android and IOS

Foodie App

The Foodie App ( photo editing) is a very useful app in today’s world. Photos of food are trending nowadays and it is easy due to the launch of good smartphones with the latest camera features. Almost everyone is taking pictures of their favorite dishes to post them on Social media and collect several likes. Even food bloggers and several websites are active and posting several types of food pictures everywhere.

Foodie app lets you to post delicious food photos look more appealing. It can be done with the help of several filters available in the app. You can take perfect picture of your food with the help of features like best angle feature and much more. The app automatically takes best camera angle shots of your food in a few seconds.

Foodie App Download

Foodie App For Android

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Foodie App Fix For IOS

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Features of Foodie app

Special food Filters: There are several food filters in this app specially designed for taking photos of your favorite food. These filters are available for different types of food items. You can use FR filters for fresh food, BQ filters for Barbeque food, CR filters for crunchy food, and RO filters for romantic vibes. These innovative filters come with different colors and tones for perfect clicks.

Simple User Interface

The Foodie app is easy to use as it provides you an extremely simple user interface. The app is basically designed for foodies who want to click pictures of specific food items and not especially for professional photographers. So they have designed the app with simplicity.

  • Real-time effects: The good feature of this app is that it shows you real-time effects of each filter before you select each and every filter. This shows the simplicity of this app and saves your precious time.
  • Remove Watermark: The best thing is you can remove the foodie watermark from your pictures if you wish to do so.
  • Social Media Sharing: You can share your food pictures instantly after editing on various social media platforms like Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, Pinterest or save it to google drive or email with the options given in the app.
  • Perfect shot: Whenever you place your camera over your delicious food item, Foodie app tell you to place the camera properly and instruct you to place your camera over the top of food. This will help you to take the perfect picture of the food item.

Adjust light automatically

If you are new to take a picture or just a foodie, You don’t have to worry as Foodie app automatically adjusts lighting, colors, and saturation level to your pictures. It makes your food photo crisp, vibrant, and realistic.

System Requirement Foodie for Android & Ios

  • For iOS devices, you need to have a minimum of iOS 10.0 or above.
  • However, for Android devices, you must have Android 4.0.3 and above.


Q: Is Foodie app free to use at all?

Yes, this app is absolutely free to use.

Q: Can we directly share the images on different social media platforms?

Yes, the Foodie app, offers you the features to share your edited photos directly to your any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Drive and you can even send directly through email. You can share it in just a few clicks only.

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Now, all your doubts must be clear regarding the Foodie camera app. I have mentioned all the features and other details in this article. If you still have any query related to it, then you can comment here and let us know, we will try to answer it. You can also check top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for android and iOS.

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