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Snapseed App Download For Android and iOS


Snapseed app is another name in the race of Top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for android and iOS. This app is developed by the technology giant Google. Quality and user-friendliness is another name of this fantastic app. Google developers understand their user’s needs, so they try to solve it in such a power-packed photo editing mobile app.

It has filters and many other tools which help you in editing and beautifying your photos. Using the Snapseed app, any newbie can edit personal photos very easily and seamlessly. Like you can remove unwanted object in the photo which you want to remove before sharing it on social media.

You can convert colored photos into black and white giving classy look to it. Make a focus on any particular object in the image. You can make color bright, sharp, or dull as per your personal choice. Let’s list out a few features of this super awesome photo editing application.

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Features of Snapseed App

Lens Blur

This is an amazing feature to highlight the focus on any particular object in the photo. Using this feature you can blur all the background or other objects except which you want to highlight.


It is the same as the magic tool in the photoshoot. That means you need to select 8 points in an image and rest will be done by the tool itself. It is also known to be based on the control point technology.

Double Exposure

Double exposure feature is another high-tech feature that one can expect on the mobile device. Using this feature you can blend 2 images at a time. You need to select a mode of any 2 available ones like digital image processing and at the shooting time.

Face Enhance and Pose

Using this feature, you can enhance features on your face in selfie like smoothening skin, adding light to a specific area on your face and you can add focus to your eye which can enhance your looks. This tool allows you to make 3-dimensional edits to your photos.

Tonal Contrast & HDR Scape

Using different tonal contrast like mid-tones, highlights, and shadows helps you in making stunting graphic images by adding many multiple after-effects and filters.

Different features and Tools

There are many different features and tools using which you can add glow to the images. You can add some filmy looks and doom daylights in the photos. These tools even help you to give a retro look to your photos. For fashion and product photographs you can add glamorous glow through tools.

System requirements Snapseed for Android and iOS

For Android mobile devices, the minimum Android version should be 4.1 or later with a minimum of 24 MB free memory space to install the app.

However, for iOS mobile devices, the minimum memory requirement is 26.6 MB and iOS version 9.0 or later.

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I have listed all the details about the Snapseed photo editing app. Now it’s up to you to decide, that either it fulfill your photo editing requirements or not. However, you can check the list of Top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for android and iOS. If you like this app and facing any issue while installing it or using then you can comment here and I would love to help you in any possible way.

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