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Fotor Photo Editor Download for Android and IOS


As you know, posting the latest and beautified images on social media is high on trend these days. I have already made a list of available Top 20 Remarkable Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios. However, in this article, I will share all the details about the Fotor mobile application with you. 

Fotor Photo Editor app is being used to edit photos and beautify them to make it postable on social media platforms. There are many different tools, filters, and features to this app which helps you in editing your photos as per your requirements. Fotor Photo Editor app has the largest database of more than 350 million users.

It is easy to use and the most user-friendly app. We can even say that the developers have created this for targeting amateur users only. USP of this app is that you can use it on both the platforms, it is available online as well as you can install it on your mobile phone device. However, you can access it on any of the platforms where you have leftover last time.

Fotor Photo Editor App Download

Fotor Photo Editor App For Android

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Fotor Photo Editor App For IOS

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Features of Fotor Photo Editor app

Different design layouts to choose from

The Fotor Photo Editor app has many different designs and layouts to choose from while editing photos. You can choose either to re-design or edit an individual photo or make a collage out of your multiple captured precious moments.

Photo effects and different editing tools and filters

The Fotor Photo Editor app has many tools to use, which helps in editing, re-designing, and giving multiple effects to your photos.  Using these effects and filters, we can remove red-eye effects, beautify images like removing scars, blemishes, acne, dark circles, and other spots from the face.

However, these filters help in changing the color of the photo, setting the contrast and brightness. Giving it a retro or classic look by changing it into black and white. We can whiten the teeth, put a blush on cheeks in selfies, eye and lips tint, etc using the touch-up filters. We can even re-size or re-shape these photos using available tools and filters.

Hundreds of fonts

There are hundreds of fonts available to choose from while editing the photos. You can add any type of text in any font style of your choice. You can match the text fonts as per your design layout. It has a large database of font styles to choose from.

Multiple stickers, and touch up tools

Yes, it allows you to choose many different stickers to put it in your photos while editing. These stickers can be emojis or any other to express your views without any word explanation. You can use the touch-up tools to give final look to your photos.

Cross platforms

This app provides you access over cross platforms. You can use it through the app or access it online over the web as well. You can fetch it up from where you last left it on either of the platforms. This is a very unique feature of the Fotor Photo Editor app.

Fotor Events

The developers of the Fotor Photo Editor app conduct many differents events like a contest for photo editing or designing. These contests are either be conducted by developers themselves or by different sponsors as well. These sponsors can be many well-known brands like Ctrip or Uber or any of the Airline or any such major giant.

Provides facility to make money

This is the USP of the Fotor app. There is a platform named PxBee where you can register yourself as a professional photographer and list your stock photos to be sold out to the end-users. You can not only earn money using this platform, however, but there are also contest through which you can earn fame, prizes, and monetary value as well.

You can even license your photos and upload them to PxBee platform. It is actually a community and a market place. You can freely share your creatively designed photos with your like-minded community or you can sell them to buyers, as it serves as market place as well.

System Requirements Fotor for Android and iOS

  • Android 4.1 is the minimum system requirement for this app to be installed on your android mobile device.
  • iOS 8.0 and above are the must require to install the Fotor app on your iOS mobile device.

Remarkable Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios


I have listed all the unique features of the Fotor app. You can now decide yourself if it fulfills your requirement to edit photos. The unique feature is this application is that a novice can use it very easily however, it can be treated as a professional photo editing application as well.

Now, summing it up, if you have any issue while downloading and installing this application on your Android or iOS mobile devices. If you face any issue while downloading it, then you can comment here and I will try to help you in resolving it.

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