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Pixelstyle Photo Editing App Download for IOS

Pixelstyle photo editing app

The Pixelstyle photo editing app is not less than any good pro photo editing app in the market today. The app consists of modern filters and the best photo editing tools to create amazing photos.

This app work like Photoshop and the tools like layering and blending, smudging, cloning, cropping, erasing, gradient filling, image resizing, healing scratches, paintbrushes remind you of Adobe Photoshop while working.

The app provides several pro tools for artistic images and filters for exceptional editing. The best part is Pixel style supports high-quality RAW images for superior editing. Photo editing in Pixelstyle photo editing app is not easy if you don’t have enough photo editing skills.

Pixelstyle photo editing app For IOS

Download For IOS

Features of Pixelstyle photo editing app

Professional Tools

The Pixelstyle photo editing app provides you tools for professional photo editing. You can create stunning photos with the help of Pro tools provided by the app. You can edit your photos like a pro by managing multiple layers on your image and can blend it to make it perfect. You will adjust your layers with sharpening, saturation, brightness, blur, etc. Multiple layers of management can be done with Duplicate and batch operations.

Advanced Retouching tools

The app provides you various advanced retouching tools. One such tool is the Cloning feature. This is the best feature to remove unwanted objects from your photograph perfectly. You can retouch your photographs effortlessly with the help of the Cloning tool.

Support RAW images

The app supports high-resolution RAW images. RAW images are always superb for retouching as you have full freedom and control over your photo. You have more image information while editing RAW images and you can do whatever you want with these images.

Lots of Alteration tools

The app provides you many alteration tools to transform your images. These tools are to rotate, resize, align, skew, Zoom, move, and more.

Support multiple formats

The app supports multiple formats like jpg, gif, png, pdf, BMP, and raw. You can also export your images to these formats. If you want to work later with your edited image then you can save your work and come back later.

 Innovative tools

You can adjust your images with the help of various photo adjustment tools. You can adjust contrast, brightness, color ramp, gamma adjusts, white point, hue, saturation, and many more things on your images with the help of these tools.

There are text tools for making your text bold, italics and you can draw text with the path. You can remove the red-eye effect with the help of the red-eye removal tool. If you draw a lot then you can start with basic drawing, Pixel drawing, and texture paint.

System Requirements Pixelstyle photo editing app for iOS

  • However, for an iOS mobile device, it needs a minimum of iOS 11.0 and above.

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This app is not a much-known app, but it is very user-friendly and a novice can use it easily. I have mentioned all the details about it in the above article about the Pixelstyle photo editing app. If there is any issue which you face while downloading and installing it, then please do let me know by commenting below. I would love to help you in resolving your issue. You can also check one of our article the top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for Android and Ios.

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