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PhotoMirage Review | Step by Step Guide to Use Cinemagraph that Looks Real

Do you love clicking pictures? Is photography one of your lovely hobby? Do you have a keen interest in learning editing? We know you do, that’s why you are here!

Today, There are lot of apps in market which promise you to give best editing features such as zeotropic app, photoscape x photo editing app for iOS, pixel style and so on..

You can check out more photo editing apps here.

But! But! But! Before moving anywhere, let’s look at one of my favourite video from PhotoMirage.

Today we’re going to discuss about an app named PhotoMirage and know how it works.

What is PhotoMirage?

PhotoMirage is an editing software for images and videos which is created by Corel Corporation. This editing software promise to change your photos into an completely different animation within a few click.

Cinemagraph in Photomirage is one of the finest Unique Selling Point of this app. You know what, anyone on social media like to share their animated picture and get compliment from their friends.

Additionally by using this software you can change you images in different types like GIF, JPG, PNG, BNP, TIFF, RAW.

How to download PhotoMirage?

If you are looking for PhotoMirage on App store and play store, you’ll not find it there. You have to download PhotoMirage premium from their Official website.

Now, here the main issue lies in costing and app is not available on phone. You need to pay $69.99 for editing your pictures. Do you want better solutions? Zeotropic photo in motion app is here for you in free and if you want to use paid version, it’s just $2.99.

What are the Pros And Cons of PhotoMirage ?

Before taking you further let’s look into the pros and cons of this software.

Pros –

  • Easily accessible
  • Good quality of video
  • Simple and Effective tool

Cons –

  • Don’t have much features
  • Costly
  • Not available on Smartphone

How PhotoMirage works ?

Isn’t this video is amazing? If you want to make same video like this learn how this application works:

As the name suggests PhotoMirage, it will make a fake mirage or in other language fake movement of some part of our photos and it will look real. Let’s see it’s working to know more.

As you downloaded the software into your PC or laptop, open it.

Moreover, PhotoMirage will provide you some of there Personal guide to know more about them in a better way. Also for better understanding you can watch this video

Step 1 – Choose a picture

The first step will be of course choosing a right picture to edit. If you have your own picture which you want to edit then choose it otherwise you can take the photo as a demo from there to.

To choose a picture –

• Select the picture and drag them to the opening screen of PhotoMirage and now you can edit it.


• Click Open button and browse for your desire photo.


• Click on the file menu which is situated in the top left corner. There, click on “New or Open” and select your photo.

Step 2 – Use Animation

Now that you have your photo into your screen, it’s time to edit them. To give animation in your pictures –

• Click on the Animation tool which looks like this.

• Now carefully draw the lines where you want to set motions. Point the direction right otherwise it will not look good.

Step 3 (a) – Use Anchor

• Anchor is used as a tool which will stop the motion in the part you doesn’t want.

• Simply click on anchor click on the parts of the picture where you doesn’t want any kind of movement at all.

Click on Preview to see the results of your editing.


Step 3 (b) – Use Mask

If you want to make a large part static you can simply use a Mask. This is alternate method on Anchor but are more accurate and efficient at a same time. This is because as you can easily draw the region you don’t wanted to make move. To use mask, perform the option given below.

  • Click on the Mask tool which is available under the Animation tool on the top left corner.
  • Slide the slider to manage the size of the mask.
  • Brush the area you want to make still.

Step 4 – Delete Animation

It’s Okay if you have done any mistake during the editing. You can delete the extra or unwanted Animation in your photo. By going to the animation tool you can delete or even edit the Animation.

  • Simply click on already used Arrow and move it.
  • Now by clicking on delete button on your screen you can delete your motion Arrow.
  • Do the same of Anchor point too.

Step 5 – Increase the speed of Motion

• Slide the Speed slider into left and right to adjust the speed for your motions.

Addition Tools you can use in PhotoMirage

1. Selection tools

This first element will enables you do move and control both Motion Arrows and Anchor points at a same time. Just click on the icon of selection tool and play around by dragging them in circles of Motion Arrows and Anchors points.


Click on the freelance select icon and by the help of it you can select multiple Motion Arrows and Anchors points by drawing around them.

2. Smart Photo Fix

The second element in our list is like “One Click Magic” of PhotoMirage. The element will automatically adjust the editing of your picture and balance the brightness, saturation, white balance and sharpness. If you doesn’t like it. No problem, you’ll have an Undo button to remove the thing which you doesn’t want.

3. Crop

Coming to the third one, This is well known feature of any app. You can crop the picture as per your like.

Moreover for cropping the image, just click on the crop icon. The crop the unwanted area of your image.

4. Visibility layers

The last but not the least. This function of PhotoMirage will hide every function which you used in it like Motion Arrows, mask etc.

In the visibility layer section you’ll have four icon to choose. By clicking on them you can actually turn off and on them.

Apart from this the four icons are that the visibility layers provide are Motion Arrows and Anchor points, Mask, crop box and image file.

Is PhotoMirage free?

No, PhotoMirage is not free software. You have to purchase it to get access of this application. But you can have a trial of this software through their official website. You can have 15 days free trial.

Furthermore the software is available in Amazon. If you are looking for purchasing this go for it.

Final Words:

To summarize all this PhotoMirage is a great editing software and is easily accessible to anyone. The cinematograph which is offer this application offers is great and effective. This PhotoMirage is built for Pc and laptop (not for mobile phones).

So if you are phone user, you can’t access it. Although the app is not free you have to buy the software for accessing its features. But you can have the 15 days free trial of this software.

PhotoMirage User Reviews?

Before purchasing this software do have a look on the reviews of this application. The product on Amazon rated 3.3/5 star. I have collected some of the reviews for your better knowledge.

Robert J. Johnston

“PhotoMirage seems limited in its animation abilities compared some other products that cost less. PhotoMirage needs much improvement in order to justify the price. It is tedious to edit work. You determine the strength of the “flows” by adjusting the length of the arrows with your mouse; there are no property pages with sliders or text input to make precise adjustments. The transitions are not well done. It is difficult to get the right speed. However, stunning results can be had in some cases with little work. The product has the ability to do more, but it’s like an Easter-egg hunt finding what else can be done.”


“Complete success! Ridiculously fun too. ”


“Overpriced garbage, program is extremity limited, even previewing the effects takes forever. Also recently discovered that there’s an app that does everything this program does and only cost $5”

Do you have any question related to PhotoMirage? Feel free to ask and we will get back to you…!

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