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Photoscape X Photo Editing App Download for IOS

Photoscape X Photo Editing App

Photoscape X photo editing app is very robust and made its own identity with so many apps for photo editing available today. The app provides you fast photo editing tools with so much simplicity. It consists of modish features for editing your pictures. You can also create your logos, website images, graphics, and more.

This app supports RAW images for editing and can retouch multiple images at once. There are several preset filters to create wonderful images easily. You can adjust the colors of your picture with several color balancing tools. The app also provides you tools to make great collages to make several occasions of your life memorable.

Photoscape X photo editing app For IOS

Download For IOS

Photoscape X photo editing app Features

Smart Photo editing

Photoscape X photo editing app provides you smart tools to edit your pictures. These tools save your time and energy as you can quickly do your retouching work with few clicks. You can crop, resize, adjust colors, use filters, remove the red-eye effect, adjust the backlight, and white balance without much difficulty.

Creative tools

The Photoscape X photo editing app provides you excellent tools for creating several graphic designs effortlessly. You can design a logo for your website, make a banner, poster, invitation cards, pinning on Pinterest, or any of the graphic designing work flawlessly.

Edit uncompressed images

The good feature in the app is that it gives you the freedom to edit uncompressed RAW images. You have more control over your photograph while editing the RAW image and it will give your wonderful result.

Image merging

This is one of the best features of the app that helps you to create something different. You can select several different photos of your liking and merge these photos to make a new photo.

Multiple image processing

The Photoscape X photo editing app consists of a unique feature called the Batch file image processing tool. The tool helps you to convert your pictures in different sizes and formats at once. It helps you to convert thousands of images with few clicks. This feature saves lots of your precious time and you don’t have to convert each image manually.

Innovative tools

Photoscape provides you many innovative tools to edit your pictures smartly. You can use the spot healing brush for removing unwanted spots from your photos and light leak tool to add extra brightness to your image.

Photoscape X HDR tool

This tool provided by Photoscape is a very advanced tool for editing pictures like a pro. HDR setting is a technique used by professional photographers where multiple pictures taken on different exposure levels and then combine these pictures into one for detailed photo.

The Photoscape X HDR is a similar feature but you don’t have to click multiple images in the dark, medium, and light exposures. The tool automatically adjusts the exposures in one picture and provides you a stunning image like a pro.

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I have mentioned all the details about the Photoscape X app in the above article, it will help you in better understanding it while you are preparing to install it on your mobile device. However, you can also check our article about the top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for Android and Ios.

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