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God of War PC: Ghost of Sparta | Download for Windows 32 & 64 Bit

God of War

Ahh! you must be crazy to know when that your wait is over now and you can download God of War PC: Ghost of Sparta on your windows PC. If this is the case then you are perfectly in the right place and we will help you with the complete guide step by step to download it on your computer system.

As you know, God of War a game was released back on November 2nd, 2010. Soon it will be completely it’s 10 years of a successful launch. This game was designed and developed by Ready at Dawn, however, it was launched by Sony Computer Entertainment. And it was, it is and I am sure it will be the most favorite game for all the action and adventure lovers.

This game is full of action-packed and most adventurous games of all time. It was firstly launched for Play Station (PSP) back in 2010. As the development in technology many other devices have come in the market and user has been increased and those users are expecting to play this amazing game on their devices.

I want to share a piece of amazing news with you that your wait is over and you can now download God of War on your Windows PC. I would suggest you read this article till the end so that you can get the complete guide on it.

Now let’s list out the key features of God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Key features of God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Improved version of God of War

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is the improved version of the main game and it has many numbers of features and weapons which can be used. The battle has been tougher than the earlier versions. The bosses are crueler and larger than earlier. Now the number of enemies have been increased and you need more power and intelligence to fight and win in the game.

New addition and improvement to weapons

Krato’s character is improved and stronger than earlier. Those Blades of Athena have converted to fiery weapon for huge destruction. Now Krato’s is capable enough to destroy most of the toughest enemies who can only be killed by fire. Many other tools and weapons have added and you can use any of it. However, you may need to unlock those by playing and collecting different rewards.

Super Awesome Graphics and designing

The developers have done a superb job with designing and graphics of this game. You will love the decorum while playing it. The graphics of a game is the only thing that engages and keeps a person for a longer time. You will get to see some of amazing sceneries in-game. You can even do a treasure hunt while playing the game. As it will help you in finding hidden items that can give you some awesome rewards for it. 


System Requirements for Download for 32 & 64 Bit Windows for God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Minimum system requirement to install the game of your PC device. Let’s list it out: –

  • You need to have a minimum of Windows 7 32 bit or above.
  • Then comes to CPU, must have a minimum of Core i3
  • For RAM and HDD, you must have 4GB and 8GB minimum respectively.
  • You must have a high-end specification for graphics like Intel graphics 4000 or of the same specification and above

All these mentioned above are minimum requirements. However, I have a suggestion for the recommended system requirement which allows you to download, install, and play smooth Game of God of War on your computer system. Let me list out those for you: –

  • I recommend using Windows 7, or above but 64 bit instead of 32
  • Now for RAM and HDD, I recommend having 8GB and 16GB respectively.
  • For the CPU processor, I would recommend using Core i5, instead of i3.
  •  For Graphics cards, I am personally using DirectX11 NVIDIA GeForce 940MX, however, AMD Radeon HD 7870 works fine as well.

Now I mentioned minimum and suggesting system requirements for downloading and installing this game. You can choose any of these as per your choice, nothing is forced to use.

How to install God of War PC: Ghost of Sparta

I will guide you step by step to download and install this game on your PC. As you know this game was only launched for PSP users. Like you and me, users are longing to install it on their PC to play and enjoy it without spending any money for PSP.

It hasn’t been launched officially by the developers to be used on any other device than PSP. But I am going to share the very safest way to install it on your Windows PC. I used the same way and enjoy playing on my computer system.

  • The foremost thing to download the game on your system is, you must install ISO power software on your PC. While installing it you must check compatibility with your Windows version and 32 or 64 bits.
  • Now open ISO file for God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Then you will find the download button there.
  • The game has now been downloaded on your system, you need to unzip it using any of the unzip software.
  • Your data of approximately 1 GB would be used for downloading 5MB and 3 MB of these files.
  • Now you are ready with the downloaded file to install it on your PC but you need to have a PPSSPP Windows emulator.
  • Now unzip the game file using any software to install the game.
  • Ready with all the requirements, now opens the PPSSPP Windows emulator on your PC by clicking twice on it.
  • Once it is open, you need to open ISO unzipped file of the God of War: Ghost of Sparta game.
  • BOOM!!! You are now all set to enjoy your most favorite game on your Windows PC device.

Isn’t it that easy as I mentioned at the starting of this article. You must be amazed to know these simple steps. Rest assured, these steps working fine and I am using this way only on my PC for a very long time now.

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Woohoo!! I am damn sure that you must be wanted to thank me for sharing such an amazing method to download and install God of War PC: Ghost of Sparta. But I would say no need of it, after all, we are from the same community who love to play God of War. And I am really longing to hear from you about your experience of downloading, installing, and playing this game of your PC using the above-mentioned method. Even if you face any difficulty while following the process, please comment here and I would try to resolve it.

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