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VSCO Editing App Download for Android and IOS

VSCO editing app

VSCO editing app provides you the best tools to edit photos as well as videos without any cost. You can download the VSCO editing app for free. The app is available for both Apple and Android users. VSCO editing app provides you many advanced photography features. The app is loved by professional photographers all over the world.

The benefits of using the VSCO editing app are their smart filters, good focus, and exposure within the same frame for superb photography, screen tap photo capturing, and many more. The app also provides you all basic features like contrast, exposure, saturation, cropping, tints, shadows much more. VSCO gives you all the good features to show your excellent photography skills.

VSCO Editing Download

VSCO Editing For Android

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VSCO Editing For IOS

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Features of VSCO editing app

  1. Best In-App Camera: VSCO editing app provides you In-App camera just like Instagram. This In-App camera comes with the best features with more detail than other similar apps.
  2. Focus and Exposure: The app use high-tech features like you can adjust focus and exposure in one go separately unlike other apps that provide focus and exposure limited to one frame. This helps you to adjust the minute detailing of your photographs.
  3. Screen tap photo capturing: This feature allows you to capture the photo by just tapping anywhere on the frame. It helps you to capture photos instantly at any time.
  4. Direct messaging: VSCO editing app provides you direct messaging feature just like Instagram. You can send direct messages to your followers and also can also share information about photography.
  5. Social feed: Social feed helps you to publish your social posts online on VSCO. The best thing is multiple posts are visible on a single screen, unlike Instagram where one post covers the whole screen.
  6. Artistic tools: VSCO editing app has several good filters and tools to provide your photographs an artistic touch. These tools can easily be used by a newbie and a treasure for professionals.
  7. Photo Studio: VSCO photo studio helps you to send your selected pictures in one place. You can edit and save these pictures whenever you like. You can post these pictures directly on Social feed or save these photos on your phone.
  8. Photos with text: VSCO editing app helps you to describe your photographs by adding some text on these. In this way, you can explain the photograph anything that you want.
  9. User-Friendly: VSCO provides you a user-friendly interface. The app is without any complications and it is simple to use.


Is this app totally free to you?

Yes, you can use it for free as 7-days trial is available after that you would be charged $19.99 per year. However, you can access all the paid tools as well while using it. Many In-app purchases are also available.

How can I delete or add a scene?

You need to click or tap on the scene and then click on delete which will result in deleting it.

System requirements VSCO Editing App for Android and IOS

You need to have a minimum of Android 5.0 and above to install VSCO on your android mobile devices. And a minimum of 500 MB of storage space to install this app.

For iOS mobile devices, you must need to have iOS 9.0 and above.

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