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Adobe Photoshop Express Download For Android and IOS


Adobe Photoshop Express is an amazing photo editing tool that you can use for free. Yes! the photo editing software provider developed this tool as per audience demand. Due to the high increase in mobile users, they make sure to launch this tool as an Android and iOS app as well.

You can edit your images from your gallery. Like you can crop your photo, increase or decrease brightness, red-eye correction, beautify features, smart filters. etc. Using this App you will get interrupted and seamless experience. You can use it to make a collage, high-lighten something important, adding text or creating memes, and much more.

Adobe Photoshop Express Download

Adobe Photoshop Express For Android

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Adobe Photoshop Express For IOS

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Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

For a better understanding of this application, let’s count the features of it as follows: –

Assembling collage

You can use Adobe Photoshop Express app to making and assembling a collage of multi memorable moments of your life or event. There is no such professional knowledge is required to do. You can easily use it with a few clicks only.

Perspective Correction

Using this amazing application, you can make the correction for distorted camera angles and crooked images.

Spot healing

While editing your own selfie, you can use a few tools to remove or heal some spots on your face like blemishes, acne, or any other spot.

Filters & Effects

These effects and filters can be used to adjust color vibration, color temp, and many other effects. There are tools or filters to de-haze or de-fog your images. More you don’t need any professional knowledge or perfection to use these tools.

High-Quality Photo importing & Sharing

In Adobe Photoshop Express, you can import an image from many different sources as well in many different formats. Once you have done editing the image, you can now share it with any of the available social media platforms.

Apply Blur

There are tools not only to remove the Haze but the blur the unnecessary background. This feature is being used to shift the focus in the image to any particular subject.

Remove Noise

To improve the quality of your image, you can use the available tools to remove noise, sharpen each and every detail in your image. You can use it to smooth graininess as well.

Personalize as per your Style

You can create memes, add text, make stickers, etc using tools available in Adobe Photoshop Express app. Using these tools, you can edit or style fonts, layouts, frames, and borders to the image. You can even mark these images with stamp or watermarks using available tools to protect your image being used further.

Quick Fix

These quick fixes can be used to easily cropping the photos, straightening, or rotating images. You can adjust contrast, removing red-eye or pet-eye spots in a single click only.

System requirements Adobe Photoshop Express for Android and iOS

  • For iOS, you must have iOS version 10.0 and above to install this app on your mobile device.
  • And for Android mobile or tablet devices you must have android version 4.1 and above.


Q: How can I import the images available in my gallery to Adobe Photoshop Express?

A: First of all you need to allow permission to permissions to the app to access the gallery in your mobile device then only you can import images in the app from your gallery.

Q: Can I merge two photos or change the background using Adobe Photoshop Express.

A: Unfortunately, this feature is not available right now in the latest version of the app.

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I have explained in detail about the working, features, and usage of Adobe Photoshop Express. However, if you are looking for all the other available photo editing app then you can check our article on Top 20 Remarkable Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and Ios. If you have any suggestions or you face any issue while using this application then I would love to hear from you, rest assured I will help you with the best possible way.


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