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Prisma Photo Editing App Download for Android and IOS

Prisma Photo Editing App

Prisma photo editing app is especially for those photo lovers who always want to do something new and refreshing with their photographs. The app is very successful and gained popularity within a week of its launch. This app can make your photograph a piece of art.

Their innovative filters will let you transform your pictures into paintings of most popular artists who existed on this planet like Picasso, Kandinsky, Mondrian, Munch, Salvador Dali, Lichtenstein, and more.

There are few other apps available with these kinds of features but none of the apps will be able to transform your picture into artwork like Prisma. Prisma photo editing app uses a neural network to transform your photographs into a piece of art.

Prisma Photo Editing App Download

Prisma Photo Editing App For Android

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Prisma Photo Editing App For IOS

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Features of Prisma photo editing app

Artistic photographs

Prisma photo editing app transforms your photographs into a piece of art. There are many advanced filters to give your photographs a unique and refreshing look. You can change your photo into the artwork of your favorite artist in a few seconds.

Easy to use

The app is very simple and easy to use. Anyone can use the app without going into too many technicalities and can only focus on photo editing.

Cloud-based Artificial intelligence

Prisma uses cloud-based artificial intelligence to edit and recreate your photographs uniquely. Artificial intelligence or neural network is very helpful to create something amazing by applying its own intelligence.

Split picture

Prisma allows you to split your picture into two-part so that you can edit one part and check how the other one is looking.

Creator’s community

The developers of the app have made a community for all the creative artists using the Prisma app. You can join the community and share your photos edited by Prisma to flaunt your artistic creativity. However, you can check and get ideas from others too, who have shared their Prisma edited photos.

New art filter added every day

This is an amazing feature of the Prisma application that when you launch the app every single day, you will be surprised with a new filter added to it. Moreover, you will get a bonus of a few new styles added to the Prisma app every now and then.


Q: Is the Prisma app totally free to use or we need to pay for it?

There is a free version as well as a premium version is available for the app. You can use it for free. However, for the premium version, there are 2 packs one is monthly in which you need to pay $7.99 and another is the annual version for which you need to pay $29.9 annually.

Q: Can I use the Prisma photo editor offline?

Yes, now the Prisma photo editor is available to use offline as well. However, it was first available to use online. But now the developers have sorted the issue and launched new version. Using that you are now being able to access it offline as well.

System requirement Prisma Photo Editing App for Android & Ios

  • To download this app on your android device, you just need to have android version 4.4 and above.
  • However, for iOS, you need to have iOS 12.2 or above.

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Prisma app is a super amazing app for photo editing on your mobile device. I have mentioned all the details about the Prisma photo editing app. If you want to check other related apps than you can check our article as top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for android and iOS. I would love to hear from you about your experience using the Prisma app.

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