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Unleash Captivating Information About HBO NOW!


Are you too a HBO lover? Love to stream HBO to watch their TV shows with high TRP, as they go on air. But,

Tired with massive cable connections payments to subscribe your favorite shows, series and movies? Even after hefty payments, you are still not getting seamless streaming of your shows? Getting bothered by commercial adds, troubled satellite TV connections or long wait for recaps if missed your favorite show on time?

Shaking your head in a big YES! Wondering, even after spending money, you are still not getting the luxury to stream your favorite shows, movies as per your choice and on your time.

Here come HBO NOW!

HBO NOW is the very first standalone online streaming service offered by HBO channel, which actually a solution of all your above mentioned problems.

Before knowing more about HBO NOW, let’s take a look at HBO GO service. Actually HBO channel puts their efforts in developing HBO NOW to give better services to there viewers then HBO GO.

About HBO GO

Being American premium cable network, HBO launched TV Everywhere Video On-demand services in 2010, as HBO GO. With this services, you can download any of your favourite show, movie or any other HBO content on your personal computer with the help of your cable provider.

Your cable provider will give you HBO channel package and internet services to integrate your HBO GO app on your device.

Everything was good with HBO GO, except this dependency on channel provider as nowadays people like you, prefer to choose internet service providers as per their needs and service charges (not as per cable channels).


Alike any other channel company, only HBO understands a change in viewer (like you) demands. Like you, other viewers too prefer to watch their favorite shows n movies online. Although, HBO GO is particularly fulfilling this desire but having problems too.

So, to overcome HBO GO limitations, HBO launched a completely new, code cutter and standalone services i.e HBO NOW in 2015. With HBO NOW, you can stream all your favorite HBO shows, series, old sports events and movies unlimitedly on your any online gadgets without changing your internet services provider( Hurray! No more dependencies on channel subscriptions! It’s a big relief).

You only need to sign up for HBO NOW with a monthly subscription package in $14.99 without any dependency on cable subscription.

Where HBO NOW brings a big change in HBO business model, also quite impactful for viewer’s. As now you are directly getting the services, not via any television service providers. That’s why HBO NOW touches the sky of popularity and able to keep HBO channel still on its first rank in television entertainment industry.


So, don’t you want to enjoy this online TV streaming app with unlimited access to it’s hit shows, totally new uploaded movies and many more???

I know, I know it sounds tempting…. So don’t wait… just one click on the link and get the app right ahead in your phone, tablet or PC. HBO NOW mob apk link…

Similarities between HBO GO and HBO NOW

As both the services are from HBO, so having following similarities.

  1. Same Content : Both these services HBO Go and HBO NOW are providing you a access to streamline same HBO content of your choice, on your time but with different features.
  2. New Added : This feature show you all new uploaded movies and series.
  3. Remember You : both apps embedded with a feature which remember where you left off your last watch. Whenever you stream again the same video, it will start from the same left off place.

Apart from these similarities, these two technologies HBO GO and HBO NOW have many different features which make them stand separately.

So, without stretching this much I will directly coming on comparison between both the services.


Access To Content


  • With this service you can simply stream all HBO channel contents on your personal computer but, only if you have channel subscriptions because only your channel provider can connect your HBO package with your appliances.
  • After channel subscription you need to download app on your device.
  • And register in the app by entering authentic code given by your channel provider to access HBO channel.


  • With this service too you can access all HBO content but, you don’t need to have any cable connection as it’s a standalone service. You simply need internet and purchase it either from HBO or from any other services like Netflix, Amazon Prime.
  • Simply download the app and sign up with simple steps to enjoy unlimited streaming.

Access to device


  • This service is compatible almost with every platform, even with Microsoft Edge and TIVO viewing platforms.
  • It’s not compatible with other streaming services and gaming consoles.


  • Except Microsoft Edge and TIVO, HBO NOW works almost with every other platform like HBO GO.
  • Being a code cutter, HBO NOW can be accessible via any streaming apps (Amazon Prime, Google Chromecast, Ruko) by adding simply add-ons.
  • It’s also compatible with gaming consoles like Xbox One and PS4.



  • It’s cost varies from few $ to $20-25, depends on your cable providers.
  • Your cable provider can through it for free or can also charge high.
  • It’s cost also depends on which channel package you have picked. HD streaming is always expensive then non-HD streaming.
  • With one channel package subscription you can run HBO GO only on one computer.


  • It’s cost is same for everyone and everywhere i.e. $14.99 per month, no matter whether you have channel subscriptions or not (It’s fixed, no discount).
  • With one subscription, you can run HBO NOW on three different online gadgets with different accounts and unlimited access to content, your location doesn’t matter.

Free Trial


  • No free trials are available for HBO GO, it’s only possible if your cable provider provide you a free subscription for some time.


  • Free trial of a month is available with full access of the content. You can subscribe it with simple sign up process. It’s available only for completely new viewers.

Best out of HBO GO & HBO NOW

Both the services providing you an access to exactly same serials, series, movies, comedy shows, old sports matches and many more. But for you HBO NOW is much better then HBO GO, as it is standalone, code cutter technique which has simple subscription way with fixed $14.99 per month cost.

On other hand, keep apart the hassle of setting up HBO GO, it can be considerable as best for you only if, you break down your channel provider to give you HBO GO at less then $15. ( belief me, dealing with channel providers is like nightmare)

I hope this article has given you all the answers of your queries regarding HBO NOW. And comparison between HBO NOW and HBO GO will help you to select a service well suited with your requirements. If you still have any doubts or find this article less informative please comment me.

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