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Photolemur Photo Editing App Download for Android

Photolemur Photo Editing App

Photolemur photo editing app provides a quick solution of photo editing without going into the technicalities or manual adjustments of your image. You have to simply click your picture and the rest of the editing work will be done by the app itself. The app will automatically edit your pictures by applying artificial intelligence and make your photo perfectly done within seconds.

You like Photolemur Photo Editing App due to its easy to use Interface. The app provides you several good tools like exposure compensation, sky enhancement, noise reduction, tint perfection, natural light correction, and many more. Photolemur supports RAW images for amazing photographs.

Photolemur Photo Editing App Download

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Features of Photolemur Photo Editing App


The best feature of the Photolemur Photo Editing App is its simplicity. You have to drop your images and the app starts editing automatically. It will give an edited image just in few seconds. You can also compare the edited image with the original one with the help of a white line in the middle of the image.

Multiple photos editing

The app allows you to choose multiple photos for editing at once. You can select any number of images with the help of SHIFT + Left Click and then open these images in the edit window. The feature helps you to edit your images quickly at once.

Several Export options

This app provides you several export options with different image formats. You can save your image in formats like PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JEPG, PDF, and PSD. If you want more in-depth Export options then Click on Advanced Settings.

Link Photolemur with Adobe

You can use the Photolemur Photo Editing App as a plug into more advanced software like Adobe Photoshop.  You can install the plugins of Photolemur on Adobe Creative Suites.

Add unique styles

You can add unique styles to your images with the help of the Style icon. When you click on this icon you will see a style menu with seven different styles. These styles are Apollo, Noble, Fall, Evolve, Mono, and No style. You may also install additional styles by clicking on getting a new style icon. You may get several amazing styles to make your pictures stunning.

Artificial Intelligence

The app will automatically edit your photographs with the help of Artificial Intelligence. This is a great feature that requires minimum manual adjustments and saves your time.

Sharing on Social Media

The app allows you to directly share your images on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. This is a good feature as it saves you valuable time.

Pricing for Photolemur Photo Editing App

This app is actually paid app, however, spending money on it is value for worth. We don’t force you to buy it rather you can try on your own. If you like it then you must use it to get good photo editing results. It is available for $35 and you will get lifetime access to it.

System Requirements Photolemur for Android and iOS

To install the Photolemur app on your mobile Android device, you need to have a minimum of Android 8.0 and above. However, it is not available to be installed on your iOS mobile devices, rather you can use it on your Mac devices.

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This is a very quick guide on installing and downloading Photolemur app on your Android or iOS devices. I have listed all the details and the features of this super awesome app. And I would love to hear your feedback about it. If you have any other query then you can comment here and let us know, we’ll definitely, try to help you. We are open to any kind of feedback. You can also check Top 20 remarkable best free photo editing apps for Android and Ios.

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