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5 Ways To On-Board New Employees

New employee onboarding

According to the surveys of HR executives, only 29% of the newly hired employees are made familiar with the culture of the work-place. This leads to the derailment of performance and retention of talent.

For that, an organization must have a solid hiring system otherwise the employee will struggle to catch on with the environment/culture and get accustomed to their new job. When all the policies/plans are practiced and are intact, organizations witness a better on-boarding process. Here are the 5 ways an organization and put their on-boarding process in place:

Necessary Legal Paperwork

No matter if you are hiring the employee remotely or for in-house, legal paperwork must be in check before the first week of the new employee. Knowing the fact that legal paperwork can be extremely arduous, an organization must include legally binding tools like DocuSign, HelloSign, etc. In another case scenario, if the employee is international-based, consult the employment and a legal expert for the relevant paper and territory.

This process should also clear the prospects of the job descriptions, working hours, updates & monitoring the outputs, reporting practices, and other necessary perimeters.

Pre-boarding Process

The best way to motivate and engage your newly hired employee is to make him/her familiar with the culture of the organization way before their first day, which may be done by sharing the employee intranet or a company’s handbook. Be quick off the mark and prepare a pre-boarding plan as well that will be an orientation of their responsibilities, company culture, products & services, potential market, and in-house company structures.

To start their day with confidence and competence, send out a welcome email or leave a welcome note on their desk. Regulate an itinerary, according to the pre-boarding plan, so that the new employee ought to know how their first week/month will be expected to be in the organization.

Provide A Contact Person

Often the new hire is given the long list of people to connect with on their own, which may lead to puzzlement. To eliminate that, the onboarding program must include the allocation of a mentor/buddy for the new hire.

The first and foremost task of the mentor/buddy will be introducing the new employee with the other team member so that they can get familiar with each other. This mentor/buddy will facilitate the new hire with all sorts of FAQs, solicited advice, and informal lunch/coffee chats.

Set Up The Work-space

Set up the payroll, accounts, existing systems, configure email and phone number, etc. Apart from this, the employee should have their work-space all set to begin. Many new hires complain about not having to know about their work station which leads to perplexity and stress.

Having IT support can increase productivity by up to 20%. So, if the organization provides the new employees with the computer and other equipment, then they must be set up having all the necessary software that will be in use for work. Knowing that also gives them adequate information about the intranet platforms, access to the cloud storages (if any).

One-to-one Meeting/Reporting

Plan a one-to-one meeting of the new hire with the HR, manager/supervisor, or senior representative. Keeping them in the loop will surge the productivity and eliminate the challenges the employee might face. While doing so, it will develop a personal/human connection between the two parties.

This also includes the performance review of the new hire of their probation period. This practice will help the employee identify & assess their highs and lows in the performance. It will also lead to individual employee development and help the team pluck out the training requirements. This process will considerably increase the performance rate and retention for greater success.

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