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Fallout 4 Crashing: 5 Ways to Stop It?

Fallout 4 Crashing

I was playing Fallout 4 on my custom-made PC.

I was happy but all of a sudden the game crashed.

All this would have been okay if the game was in a saved state.

However, that was not the case as the moment game got closed all of a sudden.

So, going ahead in this post, I will let you know why does Fallout 4 keep crashing.

And if this happens quite often to you, then you can apply some quick fixes that I am going to share with you next.

Fallout 4 Crashing
Fallout 4 Crashing

5 Solutions to Fix Fallout 4 Crashing

Deactivating Antivirus or Whitelisting Fallout 4

If an anti-virus program is causing all the mishaps with Fallout 4 on your PC. Then there are two things that you can do.

You can either deactivate the installed antivirus program or whitelist Fallout 4 from the antivirus program.

Pick any one thing you want to do and once done, play Fallout 4 again to see whether Fallout 4 is crashing or not on your PC.

Fallout 4 Update

To be honest, I never liked updating a game that is running perfectly fine.

Sometimes these updates can break up a perfectly fine running video game.

And sometimes these updates can even fix some serious errors within the game.

But at the same time, new updates introduce some new bugs.

Bugs that’ll make you hate the game forever. In short, it’s a vicious cycle that keeps on repeating itself.

So my suggestion would be if your update has ruined all your gaming experience, then I would recommend you roll back to that previous version of the game.

Update PC Drivers

Here, in front of me, you are complaining to me about Fallout 4 crashing again and again. But what if all this is happening because of one common but grave mistake of yours.

What mistake?

Well, many users forget to update their PC drivers to the latest version.

To be honest, no one likes this as updating old drivers is a time-consuming process.

But after trying out driver booster 8, I bid my farewell to manually installing and updating every driver one by one.

Using this driver using this software, you can update whole the drivers in one go. That’s greater than it.

That is great, isn’t it?

After updating the drivers to the latest version, I would recommend you configure Fallout 4 Graphics to low settings as required by your system.

Configure Fallout 4 Settings

After trying all this solution, the last thing I would recommend you to do is play through some of Fallout 4 settings.

To do that. First, you need to open the game.

Then head over to its settings and verify the resolution matching the exact resolution of your PC’s display.

After that disable three intro options to see if you notice Something different.

Even after trying all this, if Fallout 4 is still crashing on your PC then in the settings menu, you will see an option to reset the Fallout 4 video.

After that, the game will automatically close and open to reset the video game to its earlier version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Fallout 4 crashing on my PC?

First of all, Fallout 4 is a graphics-heavy game. So, always expect it to run into some weird errors. But most of the time, the error you get an error because of

✅Hardware issues

✅Inapt PC requirement

✅Improper video resolutions.

✅Outside Antivirus interference.

✅Latest Fallout 4 update

✅Outdated PC drivers

However, don’t worry too much as most of these problems come with a solution.

And that is what I have shared throughout this post.

Should I install a modded patch to fix the Fallout 4 Crashing issue?

Even though many experts would recommend you to use any patch to fix the existing error, but I am strongly against using any kind of official patches on your PC.

These unknown patches can come with some threat to your PC.

Fallout 4 suddenly crashed on my PC. Will I be able to recover my last saved state in the game?

Well, this is highly unlikely as there is no way you can turn back to recover the last saved state in Fallout 4.

I keep getting disconnected from the Fallout 4 video game because of server error is it related to Fallout 4 crashing.

No, not at all. That may be because of Internet issues from your side. So, It would be best if you troubleshoot your internet connection to see if it’s working properly or not.

Final Words

The five Solutions mentioned in this list would definitely stop Fallout 4 from crashing on your Windows PC.

Besides within, no time Ubisoft. I Will definitely send a patch update to you over-the-air

That is all for now.

If you have got any questions concerning Fallout 4 on your PC. Then do let me know about it in the comments section below.

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