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Why Every Startup Owns A Ping Pong Table

When you first think of startups, ping pong may be the last thing that comes to mind.

However, startups and ping pong today go hand in hand.

There are conventions, conferences, new apps developed for companies to track their employees’ stats, and tournaments around the world every single year now.

It’s a tech thing, a phenomenon that not many outside of the tech world even know about. As with every tech venture, there is a method to the madness of the ping pong phenomenon as well. Learn more here about startups and why every startup today has a ping pong table.

History of Startups

The colloquial consideration of startups is that they are small businesses, just beginning, with a vision for expansion and growth. The purpose of every business here is to deliver innovation.

In today’s world, that means tech, because tech is what makes the world go around. Without it today, we wouldn’t be able to build anything, eat anything, communicate anything, see anything, and even read anything because printing presses would no longer exist. A startup somewhere started this revolution for us, and there is a startup for everything.

One of the first tech startups was born in 1911. It was a company founded by a trust manager who wanted companies to have an easier way of keeping records. Their innovations started as typewriters and turned into international business machines, or, as we say it today, IBM.

Fast forward to today, and we live in a world of apps and dot-com bubbles bursting, renewing, exploding, and revitalizing the world over and over again. That world is growing in Silicon Valley and expanding all over the globe. Every startup today is no different than those of yesterday. It starts with an idea, then the product, then the people, then the market. The people fueling this machine today are relying on ways to keep the brain waves flowing in the right direction. Among their methods of choice are game rooms and the ping pong table.

The Mindset of Game Rooms

The ping pong table in today’s startups is integral to the cohesive functioning of the company unit. It is a mindset that is part of the Silicon Valley mindset that innovates. There are numerous benefits to ping pong as an exercise, but experts with PhDs watching this call it a brain sport for a reason.

Ping pong is not just a breakroom sport. It is also used as a social tool by many startups. This allows competition to breed in an already heavily competitive tech world but also provides many benefits for employees that they may not even know they need.

With the advent of ping pong in game rooms at work, employees can launch their own success stories in a world that will lead them to conferences, conventions, and a life outside of work.

Types of Ping Pong Tables

There are many different types of ping pong tables, and there is a lot to consider when choosing one for a startup game. You have to consider the skill level of your players, the company budget, and how it will work in your environment and climate.

The STIGA table tennis table is among the world’s most popular and is a brand that has been in the position since 1944. This is a company that has been providing these tables to players of every single skill level. Today, they are also offering paddles and are considered among the best in the world.

Next are mobile ping pong tables or ping pong tables that can be moved according to your own needs. These can often be folded up and save space. These are excellent tables for all skill sets. The MyT series is a very common brand to use for mobile ping pong tables.

You may also want to consider a stationary table, considered the mother of all ping pong tables. This will go into your game room, and it won’t be moved. It becomes a focal point in the room and even encourages more gameplay. The Revolution brand offers a series of stationary ping pong tables that bring stability and less maintenance to your ping pong games and company tournaments.

Choose a Ping Pong Table

When you are offering a social experience to your employees, bring ping pong. This is a game that is now a culture in the world of tech and startups. Choose a ping pong table that works for your own company culture, and become part of this exciting phenomenon.

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