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How to play league of legends: (LOL Beginners guide)


League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the gaming industry. And if you are also planning to start playing this game then this guide will help you.

Sometimes, people who start playing this game get confused. They get confused by the overwhelming amount of information provided in the gaming console.

But don’t worry in this beginners guide to League of Legends I will explain everything in detail.

Guide to League of Legends
How to play league of legends: Beginners guide

Guide to play League of Legends

Create an Account

First of all, create a new account on League of Legends if you already don’t have one. Just visit the website of League of Legends and do the complete process.

Install and Patch

Now it’s to install and patch the game to its completion. It is a very simple and easy process. These patches are like free updates. And it helps to add new content to the game.

Login and Play the Tutorial

Now once you are done with installing and patching the game it is time to login in to the game. After logging in you can play the tutorial of the game. You should definitely consider playing the tutorial.

It will help you to get a good understanding of the league of legends game.

Prepare to Play

Now you should start playing with bots in the beginning. First of all start playing with the easy mode and increase the difficulty according to your wish and comfortableness.

Pick the Champion and View the Loading Screen

Each week at least 10 champions will be available to you for free. You can choose from any of the available champions to play.

Once you are done with the selecting of the champion you will see a loading screen. After all the players are loaded in the game, you have to move ahead to one of the 3 lanes on the map.

Slay the Minions and Attack the Turret/Champions

Minions will start spawning at around 1 minute and 3o seconds in the game. You can see the timer at the top of the screen. Slaying the minions in the game are called “Last Hitting”.

It is advisable to start attacking the enemy champions when you are safe to do so. This is called harassing or poking. Killing enemies will reward you with a large amount of gold.

Spend your Gold and Finish the Game Up

Now once you have earned the gold it is time to spend it. Now you can do it by going to the home screen of the game.

I will suggest you to start spending your gold on the suggested items. These are the best items you can get for your champions.

You need to return to the game lane and continue attacking and destroying the enemy turrets. There are total 3 of them and the last one is called the “inhibitor turret”.

Win the Game and Ponder your Score

Once the inhibitor is destroyed, you can begin taking out the enemy nexus turrets. Once the turrets fall and the enemy nexus is destroyed you will win the game.

After you win the game you will be shown the result screen. You will be able to see how much experience and IP you have earned. You can use the earned IP to purchase to new champions.

Improve your Skills and Enjoy the Playing League of Legend in Future

You can improve your game skills by playing more and reading the in-depth guides about this game. Reading guides about this game will help you to learn strategies and tricks.

And once you will do all of the above-discussed steps you will enjoy playing this game

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