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Showbox vs Popcorn time best movie streaming app (Showbox apk alternative)

Showbox vs Popcorn time best movie streaming app, Showbox is currently down, it’s not working, Try Popcorn time to download movies and tv shows

Smartphones have changed our lives drastically and there are apps to solve out any complexity. We can learn, entertain ourselves and play with these apps. When things come in terms of entertainment then how can we forget movies and videos, the ultimate mean of recreation? Although there are numerous apps to stream movies and TV shows Showbox is one of the outstanding apps. There are lots of alternatives for Showbox but Popcorn Time is considered is the true rival of Showbox apk. If you are still confused between Showbox and Popcorn time which one is the best movie streaming site then you are in right place. Here in my Showbox vs Popcorn time, I will figure out their differences to enable you to choose the best app.

Showbox apk alternative
Showbox vs Popcorn time best movie streaming app

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Showbox vs Popcorn Time: Brief description


Showbox is the most preferred app to watch the latest movies, TV shows, cartoon videos for free. It offers you HD videos for ultimate fun. Comes with easy to use interface for a smooth experience. It facilitates you to enjoy the trailers and the latest news and also you can choose favorites. You can select the language of subtitles and lots more features which makes it an ideal video downloading app.

Download ShowBox APK 5.22 for Android, IOS and PC (Showbox latest version 2018)

Popcorn Time

First of all, you must know that popcorn time is a subscription-based app and just like Netflix, Hulu etc. This app also offers you videos in HD quality. But when compared with Showbox then you find it behind.

Showbox vs Popcorn: Key differences

Subscription Fees

The main difference between the two is their subscription fees. When observing about Showbox then we come to know that it is totally free and you don’t need to pay anything to download videos. Whereas Popcorn time charges subscription fees and you have to pay some bucks to stream videos.


Another dissimilarity between Showbox and Popcorn time is the availability. You have to download the Apk file of Showbox as it is not available on the Google play store. On the other hand, you can access Popcorn Time easily as it is available of the official play store.


Content is one of the most noticeable aspects when you look for a video streaming app. There is a huge difference between the available content of Showbox and Popcorn time. Via Showbox, you can watch the latest movies, shows, cartoons etc. But Popcorn time allows you to watch the latest TV shows. You can watch movies also but not the latest ones.

Bottom lines

Well, folks, I don’t need to tell you as you are mature enough to decide which one is the best app to download movies and numerous videos. Based on key differences Showbox is superior to Popcorn time but the decision is yours at all. But always keep in mind that Showbox has illegal content and Popcorn time comes with legal stuff. If you don’t want to compromise with your moral values then Showbox is the best choice and for those who love their rules, Popcorn time is perfect.

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