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10 Apps To Send Text And SMS From Your PC

Hey, Guys! here on this page, I write one of the top topics. are you SMS lovers or if you want to download texting or SMS application on your PC? and are you confused that what texting or SMS application is best from your PC? Then this is the perfect page you arrive. In recent years texting and SMS have come the long way and most of the people know that how to send texting or SMS to others but lots of people do not know that how to send texting or SMS from Your PC.

On the internet there are lots of SMS or Texting application are available but every app is not good. On this page, I will write 10 apps to send text and SMS from your PC.

1. AirDroid:

It is a well-known name in SMS from the PC. You will be ready send SMS and texts from your laptop or PC. AirDroid is fast to set up. It has the host of other amazing features containing folder transfer, sync and backup, record screenshots and the contact management. It is the effective application that can do lots of amazing things.

The premium version of this application are available for reasonable fee. On this premium version app, you can avail lots of cool features as like as longer folder transfer, full folder transfer, transfer the limitless contact no of the files, and many more things.

2. Join:

It is another new option to send SMS and text from your computer. It uses the usual style where when you install and download it on your smartphone and then you install an extension on your device browser. Then you will be ready to do things in your device browser alternatively of your smartphone. On the top of sending SMS and Texts, this app can show you notifications, share your clipboard, send folder, send the screenshot,  also set wallpapers and here on this app you can also share your location.

Its free version also available just 30 days and then if you use this app then you can pay one time.

3. MightyText:

It is another most well-known application for the lots of people. MightyText offers the normals, send SMS, MMS, give notification and it also alerts your device battery percentage. On the free version of this app, you can send 250 SMS per month.

The premium version of this app is ₹469.04 per month subscription. Here on this premium version, you can get limitless SMS,  live notifications, and many more amazing features are available.

4. MySMS:

It isn’t a well-known as few of its challenges. MySMS is still one of the best processes to send SMS and Text your computer. It has innate applications for the Android, Windows, iOS,  Mac OS, iPad and if you want it then you can find it on your Chrome browser Extension. A basic application lets you receive and send SMS from your laptop.

Its premium version of this application is much low cost than the most of its challenges. and its premium version has lots of amazing features.

5. Pulse SMS:

It is another best SMS applications that can send SMS from your laptop. It works as free stand-alone text application. Then you can turn Pulse SMS application with its website manager. Here on this app it allows you to the blacklist no achieve conversation. The application is free of cost to use and the service of free of cost to try.

6. Pushbullet:

This is another best text and SMS application for your PC. It is also the amazing applications to send SMS and text from your PC. Browser extension technic is used simultaneously with the application installed on your device. On the top of sending SMS, you can send folders, you can also see notifications and the bunch of another thing.

7. Text Free:

It is some a little bit different. It is the web application that lets you send SMS to everybody. Here you can not do it from your personal smartphone number. The service delivers you the random smartphone number that you can use it to the SMS people. Sending SMS is free from this amazing application but one thing that if you want to call anyone that you have to pay for a minute.

8. TextNow:

It is like Text free. It is the web application that lets you send SMS. Here on this application, you can send the unlimited text. If you want to call anyone that this application provides it. I personally tell you that this app is amazing.

9. Google Hangouts:

A few years ago Google voice is most popular. Here you can text SMS, call, and many things. Google developers develop this amazing application. The google hangout is worthwhile and sleek.

10. Outlook:

I think everyone knows about the Microsoft Outlook. Here on this application, you can send text and SMS from your PC. Microsoft developers develop this amazing app. All over the world, it is most popular and amazing.


Above applications are the best. If you want to send Text and SMS from your PC then this 10 application is the best. Our expertise analyzes this all application but all applications are good. Do you have any question then go to our website comment box and put here your question. Our expert will give you the answer.

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