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Top 5 Messenger Apps | Best Alternative of Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging app and it was released in January in the year of 2010. The popularity of this app has increased day by day. The company of the WhatsApp messaging app has released the statistics recently based on the WhatsApp user which will reveal the WhatsApp popularity has increased much more. This app has 1 billion active users and it also has 1.3 billion monthly users, according to the statistics. The users can use this messaging app to send and receive messages and in this app, users can send and receive a daily minimum 55 billion messages.

There are huge alternative apps are available for your Android device. But today here I am going to discuss top 5 messenger app which will provide better functionality or similar than WhatsApp.

Update on 24th September 2018: Patanjali has launched it’s messaging apps on 27th August 2018 named Kimbho app. Baba Ramdev-led Patanjali launched its messaging app Kimbho which is available for download on a trial basis on Google Playstore.

Patanjali said the Kimbho app will bring “digital freedom” to Indian consumers.”

Best WhatsApp Alternative Apps:

Although there are many alternatives apps will available, but below you can get only top 5 alternative apps.

Facebook Messenger:

Facebook Messenger app is the best android messaging app developed by Facebook. People will use this app to send and receive messages from their Facebook friends. In the latest version of Facebook Messenger app, users can add their Snapchat such as status features. Facebook Messenger has an option for games where people can play their favorite games such as Dominoes, 8 ball pool, Solitaire, Bowling, etc inside this messaging app.


Telegram is one of the best chatting apps and it is very secure app. This app has around for a long time and the app is a popular alternative app for WhatsApp. For the chatting with family member or friends, it was the first application which has used to end to end app. Although this app has been denounce for used by different terrorist group around the globe that could not be tracked their encryption. It has a easiest user friendly interface and it will  provide an ability from create chat bots to use as well as. You have the customization options for change your chat backgrounds in this app. You also get the ability for create secret chats.

Hike Messenger:

Hike Messenger is the another best WhatsApp alternative app. Indian developers has been develop this app and has a wide users base in our country. Over 100 million users around the globe can started to use this app. This app has been recently updated to version 5.9.0 which will comes a new interface with various features additions. Some of the features of this app is including Automatic Night Mode such as 128 bit encryption. The Hike Messenger app has the ability for search the stickers by typing the message in this app. This app is also added a private wallet and the wallet was known as Hike Wallet.


BBM is known as a Blackberry Messenger and it was earlier available only for Blackberry models. Later, this app launched in the year 2013 for Android and it was available on the Google Play Store. In this app users can send and receive multimedia messages. The new version of this BBM app is allows you to play games, book travelling tickets, and get vouchers all in the BBM app. Through by this app you can voice call, and also get the video calls to BBM users around the globe. BBM also has the news feed to check the posts that which will added by the other BBM user friends.

Google Allo:

Google has launched the Google app in the year of 2016, and the app is announced at Google I/O 2016. This app comes with some outstanding features which will make this app better than WhatsApp. Google Allo is as same as the Telegram app. It has the options  of customization such as ability for select chat themes according to your choice from selection wide range. This app also has the various features like to start a disappearing messages, an incognito chats, and the latest update version has added to convert your selfies into various stickers.


Whatsapp is the best app in the market now for instant messaging but there are also some apps that I have mentioned above rather than whatsapp that have similar features. So if you are not that much satisfied with whatsapp the try one of these apps mentioned in this post. If I have missed something out from my list then let us know in the comment section.

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