Best Trending And Instant Messaging Apps of 2018

In today’s time, people are looking more and more ways to chat and for that purpose, one can easily find hundreds of instant chat apps that are available in the market these days. Instead of calling, people feel more comfortable in messaging and chatting with their near and dear ones with the help of different applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. There are also some other reasons for using these types of messaging apps as they provide safety along with instant texting feature, there are available in many fonts, color, smiley to make conversations interesting.

Our society is now using more such types of applications for messaging or chatting with their friends, relatives and even with their colleagues. People are using these applications in professional work also and it is very useful also as it helps them in passing information from one place to another place, directly and without any waste of time. The traditional method of exchanging messages has now become very uncommon.

The Top Messaging Applications of 2018 are as follows 

 Whatsapp – This is a widely used and a very popular mobile application as it can send messages, videos, voice recordings, forwarded messages, different types of emoji’s, etc to any user having this app, installed in his phone. It synchronizes with the phone contacts automatically. It also has some privacy options for users who do not want their photos and private data, to be publicized. One of the main advantages is that it is free of cost & one can easily download it from the Playstore.

Snapchat – This application has become very popular because of its self-destructing feature i.e. the shared photos, videos, and messages, disappear automatically in a few seconds. Funny filters and photo editing features have also added to the popularity of this app.

Viber – This app is easy to set and provide the number of options for its user. Viber uses the phone number of the user to login into the account and then it synchronizes with the phone’s contact list.  Through this app, one can send text messages, stickers and emoticons, photos, voice and video messages freely to other Viber user.

Google Allo – This application is also a phone messaging app and has all the features of sharing the photos, videos, texts with one add-on feature of Google assistant. On this app, one can easily access all services with the help of AI power assistant.

Facebook Messenger – This application is free to download and it helps you to enjoy instant chatting with your friends on Facebook. It offers location sharing option, supports gifs with text messages, video calls, voice calls, and photo sharing option.

WeChat – It is an instant multimedia messaging app that share photos, videos, calls etc with many unique features – “Friend Radar,” “People Nearby” and “Shake”. It helps in finding people for you from the nearby location so that you can chat with them.

Thus, these are some of the most used apps for instant messaging in the year – 2018! There are also many other apps which are commonly used by the users. Let’s check out the best 10 free android apps in the year 2018.