Best 10 Free Android Apps 2018

Hey, guys are you looking for a new Android device? If you have already one then surely you would have android apps in it. Question is how to choose the best ones for your device. According to a research, the number of apps has increased to 3.5 million by last year. There are tons of apps with the same features. Everyone is busy and don’t have so much time that can check every app. I picked the best 10 free android apps for saving your time and definitely, these are the must-have apps.

10 Best Android Apps One Must Have In 2018

After a deep research and shuffling, I am here with 10 best free apps of 2018. Take a sight below to choose the ideal one for you.

1) Weather

Weather is a free android app with multiple features like forecasts, radar, predictions graphs, fun facts about climatology and also has current updates about the weather. The most noticeable feature of it is sun and moon investigator. It comes with a beautiful and eye-catching design with widgets. It is free to use but if you want to ignore annoying Ads then you have to pay $1.99.

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2) Nova Launcher

Nova launcher considered as one of the best launcher apps for Android devices. It is available on play store from a very long time. It has numerous customization and is even and translucent. You can also modify its look by using the icon packs, available on Google play store. You can easily customize your app-tray with Nova Launcher. It comes with multiple actions for your simplicity and has a scrollable dock, notification brooch, and icon modification. It is quite free to download but if you want to enjoy its premium version then you have to pay for it.

3) Applock

Now discuss one of my favorite apps, Applock. It is also a free app but if you want those annoying apps to don’t bother you, pay for it. But the only drawback of the paid version is that it can lock some premium features. This is easy to use an app but it can lock your apps with confidential passwords so that no one can’t see your stuff. This is the best option for you if you have a naughty child and interfering friends who can harm your privacy. So go for it to maintain your privacy. There are many other app lockers which are also liked by the users, just click and know more about other lockers.

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4) Google Assistant

Wanna want a simulated assistant, Google assistant is the best app for you. It permits you to search, communicate and many more things to do. Google assistant works on Android and iOS devices to activate apps, for any query, play games etc and also fascinated with 30+ convenient voice commands. You can enjoy it on Marshmallow, Nought and oreo versions. It is also available for smartwatches.

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5) ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is the well-known app for managing your files with all required features. I love this app as its space analyzer free up my phone,s space. You can easily migrate your files with other ES File Explorer user by using Wi-Fi. Its another unbeatable feature is its app manager, helps in uninstalling and backup apps. If you have a rooted device then root explorer will release tons of functionality.

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6) Evernote

If you want to create notes and organize them in various formats then Evernote is the must-have app.In today’s fast life no one has proper time to manage their notes, Evernote is the best tool for organising you. You can sync it with other devices to get access of your work. For your ease Evernote widgets also available and you can place them on your screen.

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7) Whatsapp

Whatsapp a hugely popular app for instant messaging and voice calls. I am in love this app because I prefer WhatsApp voice calling instead of normal calling, voice quality is too good. You can send messages, images, videos, links and also make video calls with it. It is considered one of the most secure apps because all our data encrypted and no one can access it. Its most attractive feature is that you can use it on your desktop.

If you want to download WhatsApp status there is another app WhatsApp status downloader through which you can download the WhatsApp status very easily.

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8) Xender

One of the most unique apps for transferring data between two devices, Xender. You don’t need to carry a USB cable to migrate your data. It is cross-platform for file sharing and its speed is hundred times fast than Bluetooth. If you are looking for a file sharing app then go for it and enjoy its specific features.

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9) Google Chrome

If you want to find out something, what will you do? We all use search engines for exploring the online world and there are a variety of internet explorers for you. Google has become the brand name in terms of internet exploring. We say do Google search whenever we have to search anything. Google Chrome supports multiple devices. It comes with unique features like immense tabs, HTML5 support, PC syncing, quick access to favourite websites etc. This app is speedy, secure and appropriate. Google chrome has been considered one of the best apps for Android devices.

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10)Google Duo

Video calling is the best way to see live to our loved ones. There are lots of apps available for video calling but among of them, Google Duo is the unique and latest app of Google. It comes with a simplified interface. It is a multi-device support app. After merging your google account to the phone number you can receive calls on both devices. In Google Duo you can leave a Video message if someone is unavailable to pick your call. It is a must try app.

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All the apps have unique features and I tried to describe the best and trending apps for you. If you really want to occupy the memory of your device with good stuff, these are the best. Did you find this article fruitful, comment below. Still, want to know about a specific app, ask us.