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5 Best Fingerprint Lock Apps to secure Your devices (2019)

Nowadays, the fingerprint sensor is the latest fashion on your Android phone. It is one of the best hottest features on your device. You can’t get this features in the low priced phones. This app will help to lock and unlock your smartphones. But all phones don’t have this features. This fingerprint feature of the smartphone is very easy to use, smart, and quick. You can also use app lock for desktop and PC.

Although, if your device has an inbuilt fingerprint sensor but doesn’t countenance you to lock your private applications on your phone device with the fingerprint sensor. So, don’t to worry about this issue because there are some steps which will help you to add the fingerprint option in your smartphone. And also here I have to suggest you top 5 fingerprint app lock 2018  for your Android device.

Best fingerprint app lock for android:

Below are some apps names and features which have secure your mobile phone.

1. AppLock:

AppLock is the best fingerprint locking app on your smartphone. When you can download the app you will notice that the app can lock your all apps with fingerprint practically on your Android device. This app has the capability of locking videos and photos on your phone device. You also can get the replace the icon option, so there you have the capability to hide all the apps. You can download this app free and also available the app on your Google  Play Store. On Google Play Store, the rating of this app is 4.4 star out of 5. This app has some amazing features and the features are.

  • It has a virtual keyboard for the security.
  • Automatically the Minute versions are updated in this app.
  • This is a free app for the Android and iPhone users.
  • This app also has an Invisible pattern lock.
  • With some flexible storage,  it will interactive apps features.

 2. App Locker: Fingerprint & Pin

The subsequent name of the list of best App Locker with the amazing features of the fingerprint on your phone. It is a similar app of the AppLock app, maximum features and functions are same of AppLock app. This app along with many app lock facilities by using password, PIN or fingerprint. Here are some features of this app.

  • By using this app, you can set the fake pattern on this app.
  • Instantly, the locked engine gets update.
  • If anyone will try to open your phone then it has the feature to take a photo of the unknown person.
  • Time session depends on the lock possibility.
  • You can lock your message app, social media apps, and galleries by using a pin.

3. Finger Security:

In this app, you can get a feature of rich lock apps with the fingerprint option on your Android device. You can lock your apps with the help of this Finger Security app. The rating of this app is 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store. This app comes with many locking features such as

  • The widgets are decorated to disable and enable services.
  • For the applications, settings are customized.
  • The newly installed apps are protected.
  • Fingerprints are hidden when you can using UI.
  • The developer designs the app only for prevent it from uninstalling.

4. Norton Applock:

Norton is the biggest app to reduce antivirus. The app comes with many features and it will protect your apps to the unknown users. In it you have to provide a four-digit password or a pin or pattern to lock the device. It has got some of the best features which are as follows.

  • It will take the photo who want to enter the system without your permission.
  • This app looks good like iPhone fingerprint.
  • It is for people who don’t want kind of intervention on their device.

5. Perfect Applock:

It is another app use by many people around the world and performs well on any device. It will enable to lock any app, wifi or Bluetooth on your device. This lock will confuse the intruders by continuously providing error messages. Some of the other features that this app has are as follows.

  • The sensor will support whenever the app locks your device.
  • You will receive free updates for this app.
  • There are no limitations for this app.
  • It will show multi window functioning.


The list of app security that is listed is very impressive. You can use one of these on your device according to your choice and keep your device safe from intruders surrounding you. Stay connected with us by commenting below for more updates like this.



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