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Google Duo Latest Update For Android Devices And Tablets

With the advancement of technology, our life is becoming busier and we depend on voice calls and video calls instead of face to face conversation. Video calls are the prettiest way to see live to our loved ones. There are tons of apps for video calling but did you imagine that one app can support more than one device. Google has designed Google Duo which will support multi devices with one phone number.

You can compare yourself why Google duo is far ahead from other video calling app like  Skype or Tango

Google Duo is google’s unbeatable face to face video calling app which offers a various device support and has a resolute interface for tablets. According to the server updates, it  is available for some particular users in starting but slowly-slowly it will be available for everyone. Before it, Google also had developed an app called Google Allo which also supported numerous devices. Allo and Duo all the two were experimented by Google in 2016 because Google wanted to compete with other video calling apps like Skype, Messenger and Apple’s FaceTime.

For using it you should have only one account and can access on multi devices. After merging your google account to your phone number, you will be able to receive calls through your phone number or your e-mail address. Google cloud will save all your conversation and private information and you can ingress it from any from any device. It will be more beneficial for them who wants to stay connected when they are working on a device. On the other hand, it will irritate some users as all your device will ring concurrently.

Furthermore, numerous device support, Duo app comes with tablet support which provides a specific interface for tablets. You will see the video window on the whole screen of a tablet and right side will show the video and voice call tabs, synthesize with contacts search bar.

Google Duo is also fascinated with Video messaging feature which allows the users to leave a video message when their close ones unable to response their call. By a simple tap, your friend will receive your video message. After watching the video message, there is a call now button for calling back.

Google Duo’s up to date features available via a server-side update, Google didn’t release these features on play store. Though you are suggested to download the latest version for being upgraded. Thus Google Duo is the revolutionary invention of google in terms of video calling, give it try. Still have any question regarding this app, comment below. If you have more information about it, share with us.




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