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Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners To Play Beach Buggy racing

Beach Buggy Racing has been considered as the first graphical concentrated game for Android and iOS. In this game, you have to race with opponent drivers, each having the specific personality and special powers. For upgrading the collection of cars you have to create the power-ups like Dodgeball, Frenzy, Fireball and oil slick. But if you are a beginner then you have to follow some tricks which will help you to compete for your rivals. Here is the brief description of some tips and tricks for beginners to play Beach Buggy Racing.

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 1) Be aware of your Power ups

  • Your power-ups have the ability to shoot directly and can smash any unfortunate target.
  • The Tiki Seekers are strongest power-ups as they can lock on your opponent racer.
  • The oil slicks, locate after you, leave a greasy piece of oil for other cars.
  • The low gravity power-ups can bob other racers by lowering the gravity of stage.
  • Death bats also are known as deadly fireballs. They have the ability to destroy everything comes in your way.
  • Spiked tires multiply your car’s potential.
  • Boosts are for enhancing your speed.
  • Basic shields protect you against mismatches.

2) Modify the Controls According to You:

There is a default setting to dip your controls. Switch your setting for picking the best one for you. With the default, you can dip your device to control and by tapping anywhere you can brake. If you want to go back, here you can change the steer policy. In second policy you have to tap the left and right sides of the screen for controlling direction. The third one has different functionality and you have to decide which is best for you.

3) Insist for Your Dailies:

Every day you grab a free spin. The spinning boards possess the good material for you so grabbing these, spin daily. You must take part in everyday challenges as you can get gold from it. By comparing with other players you can assume your capabilities and also get fun.

4) Try to Grab all the Three Stars:

At the time of entry to the next level, a ticket is subtracted from your aggregate. These tickets are the liveliness of the game. Nevertheless, if you grab all the three stars in one attempt, you can get back your tickets. Like this, you can come first in the race and hammer the best time on the time attack levels.

5) Enhance Your Car:

When you start racing, your initial car is versatile in terms of the maximum census. I would like to suggest to you that it will be more favorable to upgrade your first car instead of buying a new one. You don’t need to desire a new car with certain specialities, there is no loss to improve the old one.

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6) Find out New Power Ups

As you know you can purchase new power ups with gems, the game’s regular currency, it seems very ticklish. Although there are many more ways, by following them you can earn power ups without paying. For inspecting these ways you have to tap the trophy at the top left on the main menu. After knowing to try to complete those levels and get gems.

7) Take a Sight on Shortcuts

There are various tracks which have invisible shortcuts. Be aware of such type of tracks which will lead you the most important path. If its your wish to expend a ticket for searching the best path, go for it.

As we all know, practice makes a man perfect so for being a pro in Beach Buggy you have to practice. But if you don’t have sufficient time to invest in practice then above tricks will definitely help you in achieving levels. Still have any question, comment below. Also, share your experience if you know any trick excluded above.


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