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Latest Update of Nintendo and Reviews

Everyone loves playing games. In fact, gaming is the most prioritized activity for most of the people after spending time with family and friends. More often we find a lot of HD graphics games available for smartphone platforms like Android and IOS. Simple games are fun to play but shooting, action, adventure games will be hard to play on because of controls.

But console play makes those games fun and interesting. Nintendo Switch is Portable, switchable and offers HD graphics for each game. The same game you can play on TV, hand-held Nintendo switch or in a separate screen playable with Joy-Con controllers. Let’s get to know more about this product.

Specifications of Nintendo

The all new Nintendo Switch is comprised of 5 main parts and their details are as follows.

  • Nintendo Switch Dock
  • Nintendo Switch Console
  • Joy-Con Strap
  • Joy-Con Controllers
  • Joy-Con Grip

Nintendo Switch Dock is around 4.1 inches high. System Connector, HDMI Port, AC Adapter Port and 2 USB ports are the outputs. Connect the dock to your TV. Now, if you are tired of playing in the hand-held console, you can just connect the switch into the dock. Take the joy-con controllers, sit on your sofa and play right on your TV.

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Nintendo Switch Console is around 9 inches long. This is a 6.2 multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. It has got NVIDIA Custom Tegra Processor with 32GB of internal storage expandable up to 2TB with micro SD cards. It has got stereo speakers, power and volume buttons, 3.5mm audio jack, 4310 mAh battery and game card slot.

Joy-Con Straps are useful in situations of playing only with controllers along with friends in multiplayer and co-op games.

Joy-Con Controllers are wireless and are connected with Bluetooth. Full time of charging is around 3 hours and the expected battery backup is around 20 hours.

Joy-Con Grip is used while you are playing in TV. You will place the console in switch dock, take the joy-con controllers, and attach to Joy-Con Grip before resuming the play.

Features of Nintendo

Play games at your home, during travel, outside or with your friends with only a single device. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Let’s assume you are playing in Nintendo switch console and for some reason wanted to play in TV. You can simply pause the game, place your console onto the dock, take your controllers along with grip and start playing in TV. It’s that simple.

Tabletop mode lets you play multiplayer games along with friends. The console has a stand on the back of it. You can open the stand and let the console rest on it. Take the joy-con controllers and start playing with or against each other.

Nintendo Reviews

We love portability basically. The idea of playing a game in different situations and still be able to manage it without any problems has led to the creation of Nintendo Switch. People who used the console are happy with this product. It works as promised.

Being wireless, controllers provide immense gameplay experience to users without any lags playing in this console. Vibrations and other effects work on controllers and this lets the people to completely involve the game.

Nintendo Switch gets 4.6/5. Everything is just perfect and working is as stated. One complaint raised by user base is regarding accessories being overpriced. Even the games are also of too much price. Other than these reasons, there are no other reasons to deny the fact that Nintendo switch is a super hit in terms of the market.

You can stop all your queries about the specification of Nintendo switch here.


You can get traditional console experience, portability, HD gaming, load as many games as you want, play, pause and play again, multiplayer with friends and many more features. For a price tag of $299, Nintendo switch worthy of buying taking into account its features and configuration.

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