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Zombie Tsunami: Unbeatable Tips, Tricks And Cheats You Must Aware Of Them

Online games are the most appropriate way to amuse yourself. Games not only recreate us but also stretch our mental muscles. I love to play running games loaded with some adventure. Zombie Tsunami is a runner game in which you have to do side scrolling. Among all running games I like Zombie Tsunami most as violent zombies create ultimate feelings of adventure. Here we will discuss the tips, tricks, and cheats to play Zombie Tsunami.

The game offers you 300+ levels and you have to run with dangerous groups of Zombies. For upgrading levels, you have to up your zombie horde. This game provides you numerous missions to chase and 9 amazing locations across the world. So collect power-ups and run with dead souls.

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Unbeatable tricks and cheats to achieve higher levels

You can get more coins and endless zombies to upgrade your gang but for this, you have to follow some tricks. If you want to be aware of them go down and observe carefully.

You should have the proper knowledge of vehicles

While running in zombie tsunami you will accumulate a large number of dead souls which have the efficiency of turning over the vehicles. When you turned over some vehicles you will inspect the more brains. During your running, you will notice the three types of automobiles and you require a unique number of zombies to turn these vehicles. I have prepared a list of these vehicles and required zombies and also the brain you will get for turning them:

  • You need four zombies to flip a car and you will acquire one brain each
  • For turning down buses you need 8 zombies and you will get 2 brains each and 2 runner zombies also
  • For flipping tanks, you required 12 zombies and you will achieve 3 brains and 3 runner zombies

Plan to grab 4 zombies in the beginning of each level

At the time of buying upgrades, you will observe that every upgrade increase your grid. You must consider thing you should purchase the upgrades from the spike where you start to adjoin more zombies to your team. You will aware that you are going to upgrade the group of 4 zombies for the further run. This group of 4 zombies will assist you in tough conditions.

Access the civilian power-ups

After beginning the game make sure you should go to buy some civilians. When you utilize these civilian power-ups, you will notice the perfect start even more powerful during your stage pervade. If you have plenty of civilians then you can easily achieve the 30-pack of zombies which is really hard to get.

Store the scratch cards

In zombies tsunami when you get brains that means you are filling your grid. By filling them you will get amazing scratch cards. Every brain you pick while playing the game is add on to your grid. You will be rewarded with a scratch card. With these scratch cards you can buy new backgrounds and you don’t need to spend money to buy them.

Be attentive towards moving vehicles

It is really essential that you should focus on the warning signs of upcoming vehicles. This is the considerable thing that huge group of vehicles can immediately end up your game if you didn’t attempt your first jump rightly. You have to be more attentive to hear the sound of horns and also active your fingers for tapping.

Expand scratch cards for grabbing coins

If you need some coins then you should buy them with scratch cards. If you sell your scratch cards then you will get an amazing collection of coins and it is the most favorable way to grab them.

Identify the abilities of Giant and Ninza zombies

You must be aware of the abilities of Giant and Ninza zombies for utilizing them. Giant zombies are known for their giant damage as they shoot laser with their seven eyes. They knock over vehicles and gather the huge amount of coins. Ninza zombies come with amazing capabilities of their sword. Their sword is too powerful that it can cut vehicles. You don’t need to flip over vehicles when you can cut them with Ninja sword.

Save the upgrades for upcoming missions

Many times you come through those missions which require upgrades. So have patience and buy upgrades at the starting of those missions. Don’t use your money to buy upgrades very soon and purchase them when you need.

Pay attention to long jumps

You have to practice to maximize your jumping distance. You must consider when you take, jump at the end point of the platform. The distance between your zombie should be of one millimeter and hold the jump till then it is completed. By following this tip you will never skip any jump.

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Tips to finish the long jump and flying missions

Here I am glad to share the experience of performing long jumps and flying missions successfully. One important trick is for finishing the second level jump is that you should jump off the higher platform towards the lower platform. You have to hold your fingers down on the screen until you don’t complete the jump. The same method is applicable to complete the flying mission with the dragon.

Finally, I have described the Zombi Tsunami guide for achieving the higher scores in this amazing running game. If you will follow these Zombie Tsunami tricks, tips and cheats, definitely you will achieve your goal. Still’ any query regarding this game then comment below and if you have any valuable suggestion which I didn’t mention then suggest us. Your suggestion means a lot.


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