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Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Side-By-Side Comparison [2022]

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven

Quiktrip and 7-Eleven are two of the country’s most popular convenience store chains.

Both companies have been around for decades, even though Quiktrip was founded in 1958 and 7-Eleven started in 1927.

That makes it hard for you to choose between them!

To simplify matters, I’ll compare the two convenience store chains and help you decide which one’s best for you.

Let’s get started –

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Overview

Quiktrip is a privately owned company, while 7-Eleven is publicly owned.

The two stores offer various products, including food and drinks.

With both Quicktrip and 7-eleven having overall good customer ratings, this comparison will help you decide which convenience store is best for all your needs!

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Gas Prices

When it comes to gas, Quiktrip has the advantage.

While the company offers various other services and products, they’re known for its low gasoline prices.

The average gas price in the US is $3.50 per gallon, but Quiktrip consistently beats this figure by 10 cents or more.

However, you may see a rise because of the rise in international gas prices.

Still, you can avail some offers to save money on your next fill-up and don’t mind driving a little out of your way; Quiktrip should be your go-to convenience store for all things fuel-related!

On the other hand, if you’re more concerned about saving time than money, then 7-Eleven might be a better choice for you – especially if you have an account linked with their rewards program, “My7.”

This program allows customers who spend certain amounts on groceries at participating stores within a specific period receive discounts based on how much they’ve spent, up to 15% off at some locations!

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Food Selection

In general, 7-Eleven has a broader selection of food than Quiktrip. Quiktrip has many hot foods and drinks, but 7-Eleven has a broader selection of snacks.

  • Food: 7-Eleven has a broader selection of sandwiches, hot dogs, and burritos. They also sell traditional fast food like chicken nuggets and fries. However, Quiktrip is better for buying hot pizza for delivery or in-store.
  • Coffee: Both stores have similar coffee options—hot drip coffee, espresso drinks including lattes and cappuccinos, and cold brews—but the quality seems higher at 7-Eleven based on our taste test results!

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Coffee Choice

Quiktrip has a broader selection of coffee for to-go, including a few options only available at Quiktrip. These include:

  • iced coffee
  • freshly brewed latte
  • espresso-based drinks (like lattes and macchiatos)

7-Eleven has more hot chocolate options than Quiktrip and also offers warm beverages like mulled cider, hot cider, and hot cocoa.

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Atm Fees

Quiktrip and 7-Eleven offer ATMs in their stores, but Quiktrip charges a $2 fee per transaction, while 7-Eleven charges $2.50.

The difference in ATM fees can add up to a significant amount over a year: if you use the ATM once per week at each store, you will save $240 by shopping at Quiktrip instead of 7-Eleven.

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Franchise Cost

The franchise cost to open Quiktrip ranges between $20,000 to $30,000, while 7-Eleven’s franchise cost is only $25,000.

If you want to own your convenience store and make money from scratch, go with the cheaper option!

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Extra Services

Both convenience stores offer the basics, such as snacks and drinks. But they also provide services that can’t be found at other convenience stores.

  • Quiktrip has a rewards program. If you’re loyal to this company, you can join their Q Rewards program to earn points on each purchase that can be redeemed for food or gas discounts. They also have other perks, like free coffee on your birthday!
  • 7-Eleven offers a rewards program for its customers too! You’ll earn points every time you shop at one of these locations—and redeem them when it’s time to cash in on something from the prize wall (like free Slurpees). There are also special offers available only through this app, like coupons for large amounts of hot dogs or tacos!

Quiktrip vs 7-Eleven: Final Verdict

I recommend Quiktrip if you are looking for a gas station and convenience store. They have a large selection of items to purchase while you are filling up your car with fuel, and they also offer a nice variety of food options.

On the other hand, 7-Eleven is the better option if you want something better to eat on the go.

While the quality may not be as high as at Quiktrip or another full-service restaurant, the variety of food may suit your liking.

Plus, 7-Eleven has many more stores than Quiktrip, so there’s bound to be one nearby every stop you live or work.

Concluding Lines

The convenience store is a big part of the American way of life, but when it comes down to choosing one over another, many factors must be considered.

The main thing to consider is which store has the features you want and need from a convenience store: gas prices, food selection, and cost of goods sold.

I hope this quick comparison between Quiktrip and 7-Eleven helped you decide where to shop next time you need some quick snacks or a quick fill-up on your tank!

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