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How to Fix Lucky Patcher Not Working Issue, errors problems?

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In this article, I’ll tell you how to fix Lucky Patcher not working issue. If you are facing such kind of issue in lucky patcher and wanting a solution to resolve it, then you are at right place. I came up with the solution to help you to resolve the problem you are facing while using Lucky Patcher, so make sure to go through the entire article and step by step procedure to find the proper solution.

How to fix lucky patcher purchase error
Fix Lucky Patcher Not Working Issue, errors problems?

Fix the lucky patcher issue and errors

Going through this article will help you to fix the lucky patcher issue.

Before going into the solution part let me tell you about what lucky patcher is in brief.

Lucky patcher is one of the best and reliable tools available on Android as well as IOS platform which allows you to manipulate applications and provide free in-app purchases with freedom.

There are lots of application available which are similar to Lucky Patcher, but what makes Lucky Patcher unique is it’s uncomplicated and simple interface among the other applications, although there are possibilities of vulnerability can enter in your device as it Lucky Patcher rooted device to evaluate its functions, so make sure to use it in proper way.

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Using Lucky Patcher you can also disable frustrating ads from various applications, customize application based on your freedom and lot more cool kinds of stuff you can do it using lucky patcher which will give your device superior functionality.

Lucky Patcher performs synchronization with installed applications in your device and allows you to trigger many actions by finding the loophole in the application available in your device. Lucky Patcher can also extract the apk file to backup data.

The lucky patcher is freely available but all you need is your device must be rooted, which is not a big deal you can easily root your device using towelroot or KingoRoot apk.

Before beginning the procedure of rooting the device make sure that warranty of your device will be no more valid once you root your device and you will be liable for anything bad happens to your device to do it on your own.

So let’s get started without any further delay.

Steps to fix the Lucky Patcher not working issue

Most of the users who are using Lucky Patcher tool are not able to find an option for deleting in-app purchase, so follow below-mentioned step by step procedure to resolve the problem.

  1. When you choose an application from which you have to remove the in-app purchase, a pop-up menu will be displayed, you have to select “open menu of patches” from the menu.
  2. After selecting an option from the menu, additional pop up will be generated which will show a list of options from which you have to choose “create modified Apk file” option.
  3. The next list of the menu will be displayed, choose “Support patch for In-app and LVL emulation” option from the list.
  4. Now reboot your device and open the desired application which you are targeting for in-app purchase, pop up from the Lucky Patcher application will be appeared click on okay.
  5. If these steps are still not working for in the beginning, try downloading the latest version of Lucky Patcher, also do check that your device is properly rooted or not and then go through the same steps mentioned here hopefully it will definitely work.


So this was all about fixing an issue of Lucky Patcher is not working problem, I hope this article will help you out from getting rid of this issue and if you found this article helpful do not forget to share it with the peoples who are facing the same issue.


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