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All You Need To Know About Lucky Patcher And How To Download For Android

Are you guys fed up from the pop-up ads and don’t want to spend money on buying gaming items? Don’t worry here is the solution of all your issues just in one app called Lucky Patcher. The Lucky patcher is a really a magical app for android. The app allows you to perform many tasks that you can not perform without lucky patcher. Lucky patcher is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps by gaming lovers.

You can do multiple functions with this app like deleting in-app ads, changing app permissions, deleting system apps, buying in-app free and so on. If you are not aware of the premium attires of this magical tool then you have headed at the right page.

Let’s start our discussion and reveal the amazing features of this wonderful tool and how to access it on your Android smartphones.


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What Is Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is an android app with which you can block ads, hack games, use premium apps and many more. It is not a virus or malware. It will not affect your smartphone in anyways. Most of the antivirus installed in mobile displays a warning as soon as you install this app, but there is another scenario involved here. Most of the web pages share links of fake versions of the app which is indeed malware. If you download from the official website, your expected work can be completed without any problems.

How to Download the Lucky Patcher

Visit their official website i.e

This link redirects you directly to download page where you can download the latest version of the lucky patcher. You can also find previous versions in the page. Browse through the website and you will find forums, tutorials, FAQ on lucky patcher.

The file will be downloaded in zip format. You can download this and send to your mobile through USB connection between PC and mobile.

How to Install Lucky Patcher

I assume you have the zip file of lucky patcher in your smartphone phone. The first thing to do is download apps which can unzip. There are a lot of apps to perform this task like RAR, 7 Zipper and ZArchiver. You can use any one of them and can unzip the files.

You will find an apk file after unzipping. In order to install this, you need to first tick the option of “unknown sources” to allow installation. Go to settings, Find security option and open, slide down to the bottom till you find the option of unknown sources. Tick the checkbox next to it and warning window opens, click on “ok”.

After this navigate to lucky patcher folder and install the apk. You have now successfully installed lucky patcher app in your android smartphone.

Requirements to install Lucky Patcher app

If you want to enjoy all the attires of this innovative app then your device should fulfill the system requirements. For a seamless experience, your device must meet these requirements:

  • Before the installation of Lucky Patcher, you must root your Android device.
  • The minimum Android version to access Lucky Patcher on your smartphone is 2.3.3.
  • Minimum 2GB RAM is recommended.
  • Internal storage should be 10 GB for proper optimization of this hacking tool.

Permissions required to install Lucky Patcher

  • System settings modification
  • You have to permit the app to observe the content of the memory card.
  • Also, permit the app to customize or vanish the data of SD Card.

Lucky Patcher App 2019: Favourable Features

There exist freemium apps and games where they give you for free but in-app purchases exist inside them. You have to spend money to unlock the content. With this app, you can block app purchase verification. Doing this, now you can use all premium apps and games for free. You can remove certain permissions from any game or app using lucky patcher.

Hack games and gain coins or game currency for advancing more levels in the game. You can easily block ads on apps and games using this app. Take a backup of your favorite apps and games with this app. In brief, it is a revolutionary tool for hacking games and escapes in-app purchases and here is a detailed description of its attires:

Remove Ads

While playing games it is quite frustrating of ads appearance continuously, By using lucky patcher you can remove these pop-up ads easily and can enjoy the ads free game.

Crack game easily by custom patch

You can crack any games easily using this tool and get unlimited gems and money. The lucky patcher has a feature called Custom Patch. These features do not apply to all the games but some of the games can be cracked easily to get gold, gems, coins

Buy gaming items free using in-app

You can get multiple gaming items free of cost in lucky patcher in-app purchase. You don’t need to pay extra money to unlock these gaming accessories.

Buy paid apps for free

By skipping the payment process on Google Play, you can purchase paid apps without losing any money.

Remove app permissions

Some of the games and apps need to allow the app permission to download that requires an internet connection? Please remove any unwanted permissions from your app. This app will remove or modifies app permission.

Assist you to get free coins and gems for free

You can unlock coins, weapons, skins and other gaming resources with this app and also it empowers you to play any level of a particular game by customizing the game.

Back up useful files

Lucky Parcher app contains “Take Back up” feature with which you can back up your desired files. After taking a back up you can easily save all the backed up data wherever you want.

Lucky Patcher apk Rooting

Rooting is a process to unlock the full potential of your Android smartphone. However, if you do the process without proper knowledge, you may end up damaging your phone. This will void your warranty. The reason for mentioning this is, most of the features of Lucky patcher works with rooted phones only. So, be prepared to root your mobile to use the lucky patcher and play premium games for free.

Is there any no root version exist?

Many of our users are searching for a no root variant of this hacking app but there is no version exist. Nevertheless, you will find many apk files which you can access on the non-rooted smartphones but you can enjoy limited features of the app. To avail the full-fleshed version of Lucky Patcher you have to go for rooted one.


Thus you can hack the billing process or escape in-app purchases with this innovative hacking tool. For gaming enthusiastics, Lucky Patcher is like a boon as it saves their hard-earned money. Lucky patcher is not a virus or malware. Be aware and do not download from other pages. Download only from the official website and enjoy its features without any problems.

Hope you are ready to install the hacking app to remove annoying ads, modify app permissions, for taking a back up, etc. After enjoying the facilities of this amazing hacking app please share your experience with us.

In case any query feels free to comment in the comment box. Stay in touch for more recent tech updates.

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