How to hack in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher

Advancement of technology has increased our dependency on gadgets and smartphones are the most used devices. We have multiple apps in our devices to assist us in multiple ways. Usually, we download apps from the Google app store. There are a multitude of apps varies in free and premium categories. You have to pay for some certain apps to unlock all the premium features. Everyone is not comfortable to make in-app purchases but don’t worry guys here is a solution for you. Lucky Pather is an app which enables you to hack in-app purchases. If you want to know how to hack in-app purchases with Lucky Lucky Patcher then you in the exact place. Here I will narrate the steps for the same.

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 Lucky Patcher in app purchase
How to hack in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher (Brief Description)

Before describing the hacking process it is vital to know about the Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is an application which empowers you to get all the premium apps for free with latest features. Not only free apps you can back up app data with this miraculous tool. The app gives you multiple facilities like restricting irritating ads, license verification, customization of different apps and much more. In short, it is the best way to grab full-featured apps without spending your hard-earned bucks.

Methods to hack in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher

Initially, you have to download Lucky Patcher on your device and once you installed it then perform these ways to hack in-app purchases.


  • First of all, you need to launch Lucky Patcher apk and allow root access.
  • Now close the Lucky Patcher app and launch the app of which you desire to get the premium version.
  • Navigate to the buy section and just click on buy or pro version.
  • Now you will find the Lucky Pather’s window open itself and you will observe “Do you want to try to get this app for free”. Finally, choose “Yes”.
  • That’s it you have successfully hacked the in-app purchase.

Method 2:

  • Open up the Lucky Patcher and get the app you want to hack.
  • You will notice the “In-app purchase found” if in-app purchasement is obtainable.
  • You have to long press on the app and tap on “Open Menu of Patches”.
  • Then choose “Support patch for In-app and LVL emulation”.
  • Now choose to apply and wait a while until it completes. After it, your smartphone will restart automatically.
  • That’s it you have hacked the in-app purchase successfully.

Bottom lines

There are lots of apps which enables you to hack in-app purchases but Lucky Patcher is one of the best apps. The factor which makes it a preferred choice for everyone is that it permits you to make in-app purchases free for both online and offline applications. One of the best parts of the app is it functions well on both rooted and non-rooted devices. Guys, now it is your turn to download and Lucky Pather and hacks your desired app. Hope you liked the post if you did then do share with your close ones.

Still, any doubt regarding above-mentioned stuff then comments below and if you have any other method then share with us. For more updates stay connected and keep reading.


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