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Amazing Features of Sudoku Game | Sudoku Reviews

We all need recreation for energizing us and games play a distinctive role in this. There are numerous games for amusing us and we choose according to our taste. Games also help to stretch our mental muscles and puzzle games especially. Sudoku games is an ancient and popular puzzle game to which everyone like to solve. Earlier it was present in newspapers in printed form but nowadays you can enjoy this on your android device and PC/Laptop also.

Sudoku is a logical game in which you have to fill number grids. There are 9*9 grids on sudoku board and Sub rids of 3*3. There are rows and columns and your object is to fill all the rows and columns with 1 to 9 integers. Challenge is that all the digits should come a single time in every row and column and we can’t repeat any number. People of all age groups love to play this game even I spend my several hours solving sudoku.

Features of Sudoku Game

You already know that Sudoku is a mint stimulating games and while playing this on your PC or Android device then it seems more addictive. So before diving in sudoku’s game board I will state the common features of Sudoku game apps. So take a look below to be aware of them:

  • Four different level of difficulties.
  • Hints available for your guidance and also tell you why the answer is what it is.
  • Autosave.
  • Numerous undo and redo.
  • You can concede your results and also track your progress online.
  • Pencil modes.
  • Real-time challenges.
  • Changeable fonts.
  • Automatic error check options.

If you already play the Sudoku game and you always failed to solve the puzzle then there are some sudoku solving techniques. With these techniques, you can easily solve the puzzle.

User’s Reviews For Different Sudoku Apps

I have collected reviews for different apps so choose wisely.

Sudoku Branium Studio Puzzle App’s Review

Meryn C

3 June 2018

Nice app, good note taking facility. Downloaded to my new phone but doesn’t show the timer anymore which I really liked; added to the challenge. Now can only see how long the puzzle took after it’s done, which isn’t as good. But still a good app, if I didn’t know about this previous feature.
Laura Dankel
2 June 2018
Gameplay: 5 – most intuitive Sudoku app I have found. First played on iPhone then found for my OnePlus3T Ads: 3.5 – usually short, but cannot turn off sound for ads with game controls Stability: 2 – crashes often and repeatedly. Did not have this issue on ios Puzzle Review

A Google user

9 March 2018

The best version of Sudoku I’ve played on any platform. Everyone else misses out on clearing the notated numbers from the square and lines when you place that number in the associated portion. My most missed feature in other Sudokus but this has it!

Bill Nechamkin
4 May 2018
I enjoy the game play, but why is this app using so much data? Every time I play not on wifi it eats up an insane amount. I would understand if I was doing it as competition, but I’m not. I can’t find a way to turn whatever is causing this off and based on my phone it’s all foreground data.

Pink Pointer Sudoku Puzzle

Сергій Красновідов

17 July 2018

In my opinion, the best sudoku game app you’ve ever played. But it has one disadvantage: limited amount of available levels

Xochitl Quintanilla

July 19, 2018

I used to hate this game but it helps me think harder, I’ve always been bad with numbers so this is great to challenge my brain.
In a nutshell, I can say that Sudoku is the best game to enhance your mental power and logic skill. You should also encourage your kids to play this game to make them more logical. There are numerous apps on Sudoku but I figured out some good one. Observe them wisely and choose the best. If you wanna know more about Sudoku then ask us and also share your experiences regarding sudoku.

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