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Is Ewallet App Secure | Ewallet reviews

Everyone is curious about their confidential information like password, credit card information, ATM number, Bank account number etc. As we are living in the technical era so there are tons of apps for managing everything and also for your reliable information. Ewallet is an assured statistics manager for protecting and outlook all important information on your Android device.

Ewallet attributed with 29 ready to use templates and also permits you to allocate your own card to simply place them. You can manage all the information according to your taste. With Ewallet-Go you can access all the information which has been lost accidentally. Every person who is active in the digital world have multiple passwords and you can trust on Ewallet for securing all your passwords. Ewallet’s PC version also available.

Features of Ewallet

Ewallet offers you attractive features so take a look below for adopting it for your security:

  • Protect your information with military class encryption.
  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • You can sync your data with Ewallet PC version through Wi-Fi or Dropbox.
  • You can generate and merge numerous wallets between PC and devices.
  • Variety of cards, categories for modifying your wallet.
  • Auto-locking.

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User’s Review

Diana Pucci

December 4, 2017

Great App for keeping passwords, urls, user names, and anything else you want to keep private. Just don’t lose your password to get in. That is the only password you will need to remember! Lots of customization and organization of cards. If your phone has fingerprint ID you can enable that too to open eWallet. Again still keep your password in case the phone fingerprint scanner has a glitch. There is no way to recover that one password. Believe me, I know. This is A very secure app.

Steve Hilliard

February 9, 2018
Pretty good app. Have some sync issues here and there but that’s prob my fault. Been using it since I had a Palm Treo600 so quite a while. Pain to get all your stuff setup at first but then it gets a lot better and will be helpful.

Victor Okwechime

March 12, 2018
The best password app manager in the market. I moved to ewallet when data vault mysteriously wiped out all my passwords and pin numbers (how weird is that) Just loving ewallet. Keep up the excellent work guys…


For encrypted all your information Ewallet is the handiest tool so guys give it a try. I also manage all my account details, passwords etc with Ewallet. This is a must-have app and if you are a businessman then it becomes more useful for managing multiple account information. If you have any query regarding this app ask us and also share your experience with us.

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