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Battle Field 1 New Update And Tips And Tricks

As the name goes, the Battlefield 1 is the game of wars. All the weapons used in the real battlefield are emulated in the game. The battlefield game is the very well designed and graphics it has realistic. The game is very much realistic and smooth to play. The emulation and the graphics is everything in the game. Here is the brief guide of “How to play Battlefield 1 smartly?”

A Guide to What’s New in Battlefield 1

The Battlefield game is more about virtualization and visualization. The game offers thrills and adventures. There are several modes of the game.

Battlefield 1 Game Modes

  • Conquest Mode of the Battlefield:

The Conquest mode brings up the responsibility of holding the flags and managing and leading the troops, accordingly. The maps are handy and easy to view.

  • Domination Mode of the Battlefield:

The domination mode of the game is very analogous to the conquest mode. The only difference between them both is the maps’ size. Ultimately indicating the terrain size of the battlefield.

  • Rush Mode of the Battlefield:

The Rush mode is planned to impart the thrill to the game. The telegraphs are planted by enemies and we are meant to detect them and encrypt them.

  • Team Deathmatch of the game Battlefield 1:

The team Deathmatch of the game kills many lives to take the victory.

  • War Pigeons of the Battlefield 1:

Pigeons! That is enough said. Pigeons will carry the message and will, in short, will act as a messenger in the game. The War Pigeon is the newly emerged mode in the Battlefield game.

  • Operations mode of the Game Battlefield 1:

The operation mode is the actual and core part of the game. Here, you will be performing as if you are playing on the battlefield. The reel battlefield is not much different than the real one.


Battlefield 1 UI and Battlelog Changes

  • The Battlefield 1 UI has updated a bit to let off the previous Battlelog. The new version of Battlefield allows the player to enjoy, Weapons and Gadgets of the soldier that includes, vehicles, Medals, Codex, Dog Tags, and Battlepacks, and all the stuff from the Soldier menu.
  • The progress report and stats are available too.
  • The weapons that you unlock are added on the on-screen widgets, just for you to quickly pick up and use them.
  • In the updated version, the game does not provide attachments with the weapons. Rather, it provides different types of skins. The Bartek Bludgeon and the Sawtooth Knife, are the weapons that are provided by the game to use on clearing certain criteria of the game, like cracking the puzzle.
  • Few attachments of the weapons still exist in the game. They are gun recoiling and attaching and detaching the certain elements while fighting.
  • The weapon skins are easily customizable.

Battlefield 1 Tips and Tricks to Lead Your Team to Victory

With a few minor tips and tricks, Battlefield 1 seems easier to achieve the victory.

  • Play To Achieve your Objective and not to defeat the enemies

Know what your objective and purpose behind the move are. You will get ample of rewards on accomplishing the short goals and objectives. Defeating the enemies would not be the target anymore. Achieving the victory is the target. Be dedicated to achieving your objectives.

  • Build up your own Squad and Play with your Squad

You actually need to build up your squad. By choosing to play with them, you actually test and improve their skills. Once the squad is selected, you are a loyal team. You have to play with your squad to improve the bonding.

  • Positioning is the key Factor in the Game

Whichever class you belong, your position will decide your authorities. You are allowed to access the particular weapon, move and allowed to make decisions, depending upon the position you are holding.

  • Select the Battlefield for Yourself

Selecting your own terrain is not an easy task. You will have to take into consideration all the elements that actually will matter. The situation therein, the area and the enemy terrain factors. The safety of that area is the root factor to consider.

  • Beginners Should Warm Up with Some Classic Team Deathmatch

If you are playing the game for the first time, you need to give a mere try, initially. Warmplay up with your mates. Simply focus on learning at first. Know the graphics, gameplay and shooters. The time that game takes and the time that you get to make a move. All such factors can be learnt through trial rounds.

  • Vehicles in the Game can Actually win you a Game

The vehicles in the game can make you win the game. These vehicles are none other than the tankers or fuel refillers. The vehicles will keep you full of resources. With resources, you are always confident.

If you are a fan of fighting games then also try league of legends. In this game, you also use strategy to win the battle and graphics of this game is also amazing.


The Battlefield 1 is the game of wars and with these tricks, tips and guidelines you can excel in the game. The game will certainly be updating itself. The features of the games, the graphics of the game, and the accessories in the games are updating continuously. Take the advantage of the guidelines, to achieve the better performance in the game.

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