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Lords Mobile Game Tips and Tricks | Attack Guide (Expert)

Lords Mobile game tips and tricks

Today we will be discussing on Lords Mobile Game Tips and Tricks. Lords Mobile game is a three dimensional(3D) massively multiplayer online role-playing game(MMORPGs). It means there is a number of players and you are playing the role of any character of the game. This is a strategical game where you have to collect wild heroes by proper research and build an army led by powerful heroes. You can create your kingdom and conquer new empires by crushing them with the help of your army and spread your kingdom.

Lords Mobile game is developed by IGG and it is free to play. You can download this game easily with any App store like Google Play. The game can be played in more additional gameplay modes like Hero Stages, Colosseum, The Labyrinth, and Kingdom Tycoon. The Lords Mobile Game is awarded by Google Play Awards for “Best Competitive Game” in 2016 and “Android Excellence Game” in 2017.

Lords Mobile game tips and tricks

If you are new to this game then you must know the tips and tricks to survive for a long and if you are playing the game for quite some time then you must also aware of tips and tricks to become victorious in the game. Here are different tips and tricks of Lord Mobile game to assist you in the hour of need.

Make a Plan of action

Before playing any of the tactical games like Lords Mobile, first of all, make a plan of action. The plan of action is to make a strategy of the game first and then proceed further. This part is the most important for achieving success and playing long. The simple thing is to think before you go. Your plan can include anything like the type of troop, familiars, type of account, etc.

Choose your Heroes wisely

For conquering the new empires, a lot more depends upon the abilities of your heroes of the war. In this game, there is a list of heroes and you have to select the hero very wisely on the basis of their potential. These heroes are selected on the basis of their agility, intelligence, and strength. You must make a balance between these three potentials to make a balance in your play. In Lords Mobile game, there is a total of 44 heroes out of these 22 players who are free to play and you can unlock them easily. 20 heroes are paid and you have to earn them by spending your real money. 2 heroes are event-based and you can choose them during events play.

Choose your Guild properly

Playing a game like Lords Mobile is based on Teamwork. The better is your alliance the better chances you succeed. Before choosing the right guild, first, check your necessities and how it can give you an edge. You may start your own guild or try to join any guild of more than 40 members but it is not that easy. It is good if you choose a guild of language you speak unless it is going to be difficult for you to understand their language after some time. Before joining a guild, it is advisable to join the guild that has your gaming style, similar to your interests(if you feel monster hunting is quite boring then don’t join monster hunting guild), not advisable to join advanced war guild if you are on the preliminary stage.

Get Rewards from Monster Hunt

Monster Hunt is always good for those players who are free to play this game. The players who are not spending money can still become powerful by playing Monster Hunt. The monster hunt is required for regaining your energy that is destroyed during fighting with enemies. For each monster you killed your whole guild will get awards in the Guild’s gift box. These rewards will depend upon the number of monsters you have killed. The more monsters you killed the more rewards you get. Each member of your guild may be rewarded in the form of gems, speed-ups, and many other resources. These rewards also depend upon the level of the monster you killed.

Try to increase VIP Level points

For getting more bonuses you have to raise your VIP level by raising your VIP points. The more your VIP level the more you get a free acceleration bonus. To raise more VIP points, you can log in to the game every day. On each login, you will get VIP points for that day and it will increase the next day when you log in again. This is the easiest tip to increase your VIP points.

Manage your resources well

Resources play a key role in Lords Mobile game as they are helpful to do number things like to build, research, etc. You have to manage your resources in the right quantity and don’t try to exaggerate your resources. Try to keep only one main resource and other resources in a fair amount.

Lords Mobile Attack Guide

Lords Mobile game is not a piece of cake. Here the ultimate goal of your opponent is to destroy your castle and end your domination. So it is very important to master the art of attack to kill your ferocious opponent.

Here I give you some valuable guidance to attack in Lords Mobile:

Know the strengths and weaknesses of Troops

The first thing is to understand the strengths of your troops as well as weaknesses of the opponent’s troops. Moreover, you also have to understand the troop type available with you and the type of troop you send to fight with the type of troop of an opponent like if the opponent is sending infantry then it is always better to send cavalry to fight. You have made proper troop formations to fight with the opponent. It is one of the most effective ways to counter your enemy.

Scout your opponent before the war

Scouting means to gather information about the enemy’s position, strength, and movement. It is a good strategy and it is very helpful as it can help you to know the strength and weaknesses of your enemy. This information of the enemy can be gathered in two ways. First to click on the castle and second to send your scout. You can obtain the information of your enemy by clicking on their castle and check the options like castle might Troops killed, Guild power, Hero badges and level player, military stats and gear. After checking this if you want to fetch more information then send your scout.

Choose Gears and Jewels properly

You can use Gears and Jewels only when your leader is going to fight. There is a number of gears and jewels, so you have to use the best of these. There are three types of gears and jewels like infantry, Range and Cavalry.

Choose the type of attack

Lords mobile provides two types of attack. One is solo and the other is Rally attack. In a solo attack, you will attack only with the army of your castle. Here the number of troops is limited and on the other hand in Rally attack, you can attack with more than one castle from a guild. This a full attack with millions of troops. You can choose any of these according to the strength of your enemy. If the opponent is strong and large then rally attack is good but the only disadvantage in rally attack is wastage of time. It takes almost 5 minutes to begin a rally and if your enemy is smart then he may prepare a defense in this precious time.

Attack Boosters

Attack boosters are helpful to attack your enemy with full power. These attack boosters can help you to give enormous power to your army. The most basic is Turf boost, the prison boost, and altar boost. The percentage of these attack boosters will help you and provide you extra power. You can adjust the percentage as per the strengths of your enemy. Other boosters are vassal titles, Familiars and you can also get a great boost by capturing the base and forts of your enemies.


I have explained the secret tips and tricks and attacking guide which I personally use while playing this game. I would appreciate if you won’t mind sharing some of your personal tricks with us.

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