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TutuApp Review – How Safe is it to Use the TuTuApp?

Wondering where from your colleague downloaded the full version of Clash of Clans on his mobile phone? Do you want to know where to look for the best games for your mobile device? Check out TuTuApp and say goodbye to those days of free trial versions and paid subscriptions.

TutuApp Review

Take a deep breath, let go of your resistance to temptation, and download TuTuApp! And believe me, you’ll never look back.

For those who are just starting out, as I had been once, TuTuApp is an up-and-coming option as one of the most popular alternatives to conventional app stores. And I feel the best part is that this TuTuApp is available for all platforms, so it doesn’t matter if you are an Android user like me or you belong to the iOS group.

TutuApp Background:

I did some background check after I found out that TuTuApp is gaining huge popularity wide and fast and found out that formerly it was available only in Chinese since TuTuApp was developed by a start-up company in China. But with its rapidly growing demand, this app store is now available in English too, for the benefit of a wider spectrum of users.

For who doesn’t like the idea of downloading all their favorite apps and games without having to pay a single penny? And to be very honest, that is what made me extra curious and I ended up installing TuTuApp on my Android phone. Why should all the others have all the fun!

Remember: Downloaded Pokemon Go from Tutu App when It’s banned in Google Play Store due to country restriction.

Remember the time when every other person in the world was going gaga over Pokemon Go? Running around with their phones? I was again curious to play the game but was initially unable to download it, much to my utter disappointment. But then along came to TuTuApp bringing light to my dark world! I quickly installed it, and by the time I was still checking out its other features, I had already finished downloading the full version of Pokemon Go from TuTuApp!  Yes, and that too absolutely free of cost which allowed me to play the entire game sitting on my couch!

While downloading Pokemon Go from TuTuApp, I kept wondering what more is there to this app store? What is it that people find so hard to resist TuTuApp?

As I explored the TuTuApp I realized that is designed with a simple outlook keeping in mind the convenience of all users. I found that the user interface is easily navigable and. For an avid mobile gaming fanatic, there are many reasons to be elated with the TuTuApp; where else can you get the full version of globally sought-after games like Clash of Clans and Pokemon Go, on your phone for free?

Moreover, I was also able to access a host of other features in TuTuApp which I had never expected to avail for free since I had come across them as paid features in other app stores.

There are many cool features about TuTuApp which are sure to blow your mind:

TutuApp Features:

Like, using the TuTuApp, you can easily install any number of premium applications on your phone at zero cost. Till now I myself have downloaded many apps until my device started running slow. Well, almost!

Another bright spot about it is that, unlike many others, TuTuApp didn’t ask me to root my Android smartphone. I asked my other friends and came to know that they didn’t even need to jailbreak their iOS device. I simply downloaded and installed the TuTuApp on my Android phone and was good to enjoy its offerings. So yes, TuTuApp spares us that difficult task!

I was also amazed to find out there are several utilities on this app store which can make handling of our smartphones much smoother and more effective. In this respect, the store cleaner available in this app truly bowled me over. Not to mention the toolbox that I use to manage Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities of my smartphone. 

So, with a little push and courage from my end, I was not only able to unlock and download immensely popular gaming applications for free but also got access to a tool kit that helped me organize and manage my smartphone way more smartly than I had imagined.

Still, what struck me at first was TuTuApp’s request for certain permissions of my phone – I was prompted to grant it permission for making calls from my phone and read and send SMS. Now, these functions are no way related to the actual functionality of TuTuApp. And, quite normally, many of us can easily take this up as a potential threat to privacy.

A few days later I came across a very knowledgeable friend of mine, who suggested that I read up some expert opinion to know in-depth about the TuTuApp since many other people have also expressed their privacy concerns when it comes to using this app store.  

While the TuTuApp offers a seamless experience of the best gaming applications at free of cost, it is wise to be informed that all of these games and apps are actually the pirated versions of the original ones.

Is TutuApp Malware?

So if you feel that this can be malware and your confidentiality might be at risk, then TuTuApp might not be made for you. However, what brings some respite is the fact that these are only claims from users and have not yet been proved correct. And till now, there are no reports of any happenings which are worse. Moreover, users of Android Marshmallow and above can just deny some of these permissions and continue using TuTuApp.

How to Keep Safe Yourself from Malware coming from TutuApp?

Tutu app is 100% fine but in case, you download any cracked version, you must be aware of the few things such as “Is it a trusted the author to download crack version?” “Are you facing any problem after downloading any specific app?” If yes, just disable and de-install that app as soon as possible. B/w tutu app does work for you and doesn’t add the creepy type of cracked version still you need to be aware of the things.

Are the voices of doubt still looming in your mind? Well, if you are really keen to download this and have got the patience, I would suggest you read up the Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Policy of TuTuApp for detailed information.

How to Get TuTu App for free on Cydia?

After looking at all the features mentioned above, you might want to use it on your iPhone So, to make sure you get to use the TuTu app just like android users, I’m putting up a 10 steps guide that’ll help you install the app in your iOS device. Now, let’s get straight to it-

  1. Before going ahead, make sure you’ve got a Jailbroken iOS device. Now, firstly, you need to download Cydia from their official site.
  2. After installation, launch it in your jailbroken device. Here, you’ve to wait for some time as packages and content takes a bit to refresh.
  3. Once done, head to Sources > Add.
  4. Now, you’ve to add this repository source to Cydia:
  5. Add the Source option and just wait for the package to refresh automatically. Once all this is done, tap on return to Cydia button to go back.
  6. Now, a source list will be visible to you. From there, add the Kiiimo source and scroll all the way down to find Supports iOS 11 option.
  7. From there, Select the AppSync Unified package. After this, you’ll go through the installation process. Once done, tap on the Restart SpringBoard option to restart.
  8. Open the safari browser and enter this link ( followed by selecting the Install TuTuApp VIP link.
  9. Now, a dialogue box will appear asking you to install the tutu app. Tap on install to proceed.
  10. Just like any other app, you’ll go through the normal installation process. Wait for its completion and once done, start using it on your iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions | TutuApp

Q – How to see the mod details in the tutu app?

A – To see the mod details, go to the Manage tab and from there you can see the complete details of the modded Tutu app.

Q – I purchased Tutu Vip for iPhone 7. However, now, I’m using the iPhone 11. Can I use my VIP subscription with it?

A – Yes, you can. With the latest version 2 update, it’s possible for you to shift your VIP subscription to another iPhone. However, make sure you’re it on one device at a time.

Conclusion – is TutuApp Safe? | Tutu App Review

TuTuApp has been a hot item for quite some time now, not only with the mobile games fanatics but also with people like me who love to explore various mobile applications. The whole idea of getting easy access to premium full version software at absolutely no cost is what makes TuTuApp highly sought after.

However, it is always advisable that you download original applications from trusted sources; TuTuApp comes with a whole lot of cracked apps which ideally is a form of piracy. As already mentioned earlier, many users have raised their concerns about security using the TuTuApp, although I can vouch for a truly magnificent experience until now!

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