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Why You should Prefer TutuApp VIP over TutuApp Regular?

TuTuApp is basically an optional app store for both, Android and iOS platforms. Yet being an optional app store, it allows having advance games apps. The app enables you to have a set of those apps and games which are not very easily available elsewhere.

Why TuTuApp over Google Play Store?

Google play store comes by default in every smartphone. TuTuApp is something different from play store. It is an advanced app with two different versions. The one is regular and the another is VIP. The versions are for different types of smartphone users.

TuTuApp was only available in Chinese language, later English version was developed

TuTuApp was initially developed and designed in the China. The TuTuApp regular was initially launched in only one language. Hence, the app was not that popular. As the TuTuApp regular started getting its popularity in the country, the developer decided to launch it in English language to get a global recognition.

TuTuApp is also available as a TuTu Helper

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The TuTuApp is now available with the Best iOS and Android Helper in its English version. Hence called as TuTu Helper. TuTu Helper is just a guiding app for TuTuApp regular and TuTuapp VIP.

The TuTuApp achieved the popularity after modifying to the Mod version of the popular Pokemon Go app

The TuTuApp achieved its popularity with the GPS hack. The modified version of Pokemon Go, allowed the users to fake the users’ location. The hacking capability of the game was amazing. Hence, the TuTuApp got viral for its unique features of games and other apps.

The TuTuapp is the best platform to get the best of modified versions of the popular apps and games

The TuTuApp provided all the best features, best extensions for the apps and games. The TuTuApp is now available for PC as well.

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TutuApp has a very User-Friendly Interface

The is extremely simple to use. The users can just use all the apps they desire to, without having to close the current one. Users can simple switch between the multiple apps they want to run.

TuTuApp Regular gives you all the games and apps for free

The TuTuApp regular is known as the best platform to get an access to the most popular and your favorite apps and games, absolutely free of cost. The TuTuApp also offers many premium versions of various games, free of cost to the user. Moreover, the app does not demand any Jail-broken iOS device or a Rooted Android device for its compatibility. It works very well on both the OS.

TuTu VIP VS TuTuApp Regular

The TuTu VIP is completely different than that of free version of TuTuApp. The TuTu VIP comes with the advanced features of searching and downloading the games and apps effectively.

The article discusses why you should prefer TuTuApp VIP over TuTuApp regular

1. TuTuApp VIP gets updated with every update in OS

TuTuApp Regular, i.e., the free version of the app is not an official app. Hence there are very high chances of getting the free version revoked by the android and the iOS platform. The TuTuApp VIP, on the hand is safe from revoking. The TuTu VIP updates itself with every update in iOS and android.

2. TuTuApp VIP version opens up a whole new world of different types of apps and games for your smartphone

The regular TuTuApp offers limited access to the games and apps. The mod versions of the games and their hacks are available on TuTu App VIP version. The VIP version is far better in giving the privileges to premium games, their mods and their ultimate hacks. If you are a game freak, TuTu VIP is your thing.

3. TuTuApp’s VIP version will allow you to request for a new app

The TuTuApp regular will not allow you to request for any games or applications out there. Whilst, TuTu VIP gives you an option to ask for any of the premium games or apps available or yet to launch. Once the request is granted, you will have the premium app on your device. Despite the device feature, TuTu VIP gets you the desired app or game launched, ready to access.

4. TuTu VIP is Highly Secure

TuTu VIP assures you the safety of your personal data. Also, the apps and games deactivated by the giant won’t be deactivated on TuTu VIP. The TuTuApp Regular will deactivate the service once the giant has disabled from its side.

5. TuTu VIP is paid version

The TuTu VIP app costs about $6.99. However, the positive point is that it comes with the most amazing features that will surely justify your wallet. Also, the payment is one time and you don’t have pay every year or so. Once a registered member of TuTu VIP, you are the permanent member. You will be receiving all the updates automatically from TuTu VIP.

The dowside of TuTu app is it is not official and the games and apps that you get through the TuTu App, are nor legit. Hence, it is not recommended to install. Unless the legitimate is not your concern, you can enjoy the TuTu App service. The TuTu VIP App is secure for user, though.

If you want to try the regular version of tutuapp, then click and download tutuapp regular for android and ios. Also, share your experience with us.


The TuTu VIP is far better than TuTu regular. In case you would like to test the app, TuTuapp regular is fine to begin with. The TuTuApp is available for PC, Android and iOS platform. If you have any query related to the tutuapp, then write us in our comment box.

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