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How to view instagram stories without an account

Do you want someone not to know that you have viewed their story on instagram, or you don’t want to create an account on instagram . There must be so many reasons, Stop Judging! You are at the right place, because today I have something very relevant for you. As in this article I am providing you a detailed study about how to view instagram stories without an account and not only stories you can check igtv, and dp too without letting them know. 

So, let’s get started!

How to view instagram stories without an account

Using the instagram app it is quite difficult to check stories without having an account. So there are so many third-party apps which you can use to do so. So, here I am sharing the guide to you using insta-stories online websites. Using this website you can view instagram stories without an account, without letting them know. 

Insta-Stories Online

Inta-stories online is a free tool which helps you to see anybody’s story anonymously. Also, you are not required to download any app, as you can simply visit the website from your browser. 

  1. Go to your browser and visit 
  2. Here you will see the “enter username” option. You simply need to type the person’s username here in the search bar and press enter or you can click the magnifying glass in the corner. Or to not make any mistake you can simply go to the user’s profile and copy the username and paste it in the search bar here. 
  3. Now, a new screen comes up with the profile, you need to click the profile icon to see their stories, also you can check the current below. 
  4. Now you can swipe and click right and left to check there all the stories. 

intsa-stories online

Additional Benefits: 

  • You can download the stories in your device just by clicking the download button in the insta-stories website. 
  • You can view and download posts as well using this tool. 

Mystalk Instagram stories viewer

This is one of the best websites to see insta stories anonymously without letting anybody know. The app is not registered with instagram. You can also check IG using this tool. Check the guide given below, to see the guide. 

  1. Firstly open the browser and visit the 
  2. Simply add the username you want to see stories in the search box, ad click enter. 
  3. There you will sees the related profile options, click on the profile of the person you want to see the story, and here you go!

Mystalk Instagram stories viewer

Additional Benefits: 

  • You can download the story and the dp by clicking the download option on the website. 

Stories IG

Stories IG is a free and simple website to take a spy on anyone’s instagram stories anonymously, or without an account. 

  1. You simply need to visit the website in your browser in mobile phone or laptop or pc, iPad. 
  2. Here, enter the username in the search box and press the enter button or click the double arrow head icon in the very right corner. It is very important to enter the correct username with characters. 
  3. Simply click on the profile of the person you want to check stories of and choose the download option to download or save the story in your device. 

Stories IG

Additional Benefits: 

You can check the highlights by simply clicking on the highlights option after searching the username in the search box. 

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Q1:  How can I view a story on Instagram anonymously?

There are tremendous ways to check the instagram story without an account, by using the flight mode option or you can use the third-party apps as discussed above in the article. 

Q2: Can you view a private Instagram account 2022?

Yes, you can do so. So, for this you have to enter the username in the third-party apps and enter the maximum number of photos you want to see, and here you go. 

Q3: Can someone see if I viewed their Instagram?

If you only check the profile of someone at instagram, the person is not able to see your name as instagram doesn’t provide this feature to show names. 

Q4: How can I view a private story?

  1. Open Instagram Story View Tool.
  2. Enter the username whose Stories you would like to view.
  3. Click Search.
  4. See the preview and click play.
  5. Click Download if you want to save the Story.

Q5: Can I follow someone on Instagram without my friends see in the person in my following list?

Even on a private account your followers and following list remain visible. But only those who follow you can see it. The rest can just see the numbers. On the other hand, on a public account, anyone can see both.

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