Vigo Video Formerly Hypstar App Review – Funny Short Video Maker

What user says about hypstar app? What's new? and how hypstar app works? Here you will get download link for android & iOS version along with hypstar app review...!

hypstar app
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Everyone loves making videos. Some do it for social media, others do it just for fun. What if I told you there’s a cool new app to make amazing videos on your cellphone? Enough of the dull looking and boring videos you post all day on different social sites, try the new hypstar (Vigo Video) app to add colours and excitement to your videos.

Disclosure: Vigo Video and Hypstar are same Apps so if you see hypstar anywhere, it means with Vigo Video (Formerly known as hypstar).

What is Hypstar | Vigo Video App ?

Vigo Video is an amazing short video making social app where you can record videos and add amazing filters and post for the world to see. Post videos according to your interest and even get in touch with people who are interested in same genre of videos. Everything you do have a story in itself which needs you to recognize it and record a video of it. While you’re dancing, eating, cooking, traveling, you must record the colours of your life and show them to others.

Why Hypstar is Vigo Video App Now?

Formerly, whenever we say to check hypstar app, people does spelling mistake while typing it such as “Hipstar, heepstar, heapstar, hipestar” and due to this, Hypstar was having the issue with Brand recognization and Now, Vigo have the clear brand recognization. It will help them to get more downloads quickly.

Vigo Video App Review

See how Hypstar is going famous day by day and what are the user experience with Vigo Video App.  Let’s see what could you do with vigo video app:

What can be done with Hypstar?

Hypstar let’s you add exciting stickers to your videos, hypstar provides motion stickers and much more which makes your social life even more colorful. Hypstar comes with numerous filters and frames to add beauty to your pictures and videos. Click some happening pictures edit them on hypstar and post the best one on Instagram or facebook. Even, Vigo video app provide collage frame which makes it easy to post more than one picture in single frame.

Vigo app formerly Hypstar won’t take too long to give you an amazingly fantastic picture. Hypstar usually takes 15 seconds from clicking the picture and editing it. Hypstar is connected with almost all the social networking sites such as, instagram, facebook, twitter, which makes it easy to upload pictures directly from the app. Our beauty camera will give an extra touchup to your beautiful face. Our real time beauty camera increases your skin tone and gives glittering shine to your cheeks. You can resize your eyes in the picture of needed and even your face shape. Hypstar gives amazing live filters which makes your videos more exciting and happening.

Hypstar or Vigo Video Maker App makes it easy for you to connect with your friends, family and everyone else by letting you post your videos by clicking on just a single button. The app allows you to add different audio lines or music to the background of your videos. You can lip sync numerous songs and to their music. Thousands of movie dialogues are available in the app to lip sync with and flaunt your talent to your friends and family. Share your creativity with attitude with your family and friends. From filters to motion stickers everything comes in this single app, hypstar.

Hypstar also organises a money making online quiz game everyday for its users in which you can earn cash rewards just by answering few simple questions.

Want to get Hypstar on your PC/Mac ? Read How to download Hypstar on PC/Mac

User Experience

Hypstar users have been so happy with it’s services that praises have been showering since the launch of the app. The users are in love with the colourful filters and motion stickers and have been asking for more of them. Customers are totally in love with the colourful and exciting fillters. We regularly search for the best and most creative content on the app and feature then on our official account and help you grow with our love and support. Everyday we feature few post of our user’s post to motivate them to engage even more in the app.

The latest update in the app allows recording videos alike movies with more detailed features and high-resolution quality. Hundreds of filters are added to app after the update. People from all over the world are brought into a single app to post and exchange their creativity and talent. Best content gets featured on the official account of hypstar. Latest feature added to app gives you eyes an add-on of brightness and glitter.

All the glitches recorded in the previous version are solved in the latest update of the hypstar app.

Download hypstar app by clicking here and bring the best out of your creativity and talent via videos and pictures. Play games and earn money online as simple as the blinking of eyes.

Download Vigo Video App for Android & iOS:

Click here to download Vigo Video Maker App for Android.

Click here to download Vigo Video Formerly Hypstar for iOS.

We will also love to feature your experience with Vigo video maker app. Please let us know your experience or feedback.


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